Senior Papers: Literature/English

A selective of list of student research papers

All students in the Literature / English Department are required to write a senior paper or to produce a senior project. These are written on a variety of literature topics and fulfill the departmental requirement for graduation. Ramsey Library Special Collections holds bound volumes of senior papers from 1966 to 2013, and some papers are also available for online viewing, but web-publication and/or copying of bound papers is dependent on the author’s permission.

Students in the Literature / English Department who choose to take a Creative Writing major are required to involve themselves in a year-long, full-length Senior Creative Writing Project. Under the direction of a creative writing faculty member the student may choose to work in the area of fiction, poetry, or drama. The projects, called Senior Papers – Creative Writing, are collected by the department and housed in the Special Collections of Ramsey Library.

Papers from 2015 are available via NC Docks and linked from the citations below. Papers were not received for all years.

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2019 Spring
2018 Fall
2018 Spring
2017 Fall
2016 Fall
2016 Spring

2015 Fall
2015 Spring

Spring 2019

Austin, Kathleen –“The Measure of a King: Justice and Rule within Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure” ; can copy/publish

Beard, Shelby —“Fractured Feminism: Racism, Classism, and Sexism in Herland ; can copy/publish

Burris, Charles –“Beneath the Fuligin Cloak: Faith in Gene Wolfe’s The Book of the New Sun”; can copy/publish

Capps, Ian Hunter –“The Superiority of Divine Love in Carson McCullers’ The Ballad of the Sad Café” ; cannot copy/publish

Coggin, John —“Breaking the Narrow Circle: A Contextual Approach to William Blake’s ‘Visions of the Daughters of Albion’” ; can copy/publish

Derenne, Grace —“Doing It: Sexuality and Repression in Stephen King’s It ; can copy/publish

Earnhardt, Hannah –“Poe’s Uniquely Unified Horror: Obscurity and Revelation as Tools of Terror”; can copy/publish

Hannemann, Marcyanne –“Unraveling the Articulable: Thinking, Being and Becoming in Clarice Lispector’s Near to the Wild Heart“; can copy/publish (under embargo until 5/1/2020 per the author’s request)

Masanto, Alaina —“Gaze Upon My Shame: The Function of the Gaze on Marginalized Identities in Giovanni’s Room ; can copy/publish

Rhyne, Megan — “Under His Eye: Gendered Power/Body Relationships in The Handmaid’s Tale ; can copy/publish

Scannell, Zach–“Stoking the Flame Imperishable: Spiritual Redemption in Tolkien’s The Silmarillion ; can copy/publish

Schweitz, Carolyn —“What Silence Says: Family, Race, Identity, and the American Dream in Celeste Ng’s Everything I Never Told You ; can copy/publish

Wurth, Noah —“William Blake’s Guided Development of the Psyche: Augmenting Readerly Perception” ; can copy/publish

Fall 2018

Clarke, Haley —“Liminality, Personal Fulfillment, and Societal Expectations of Women in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening; can copy/publish

Hart, Julie —“The Cold War’s Influence on Flannery O’Connor’s Novel Wise Blood; can copy/publish

Hober, Kelli Danielle —“The Body as His Book: The Unification of Spirit and Flesh in John Donne’s Holy Sonnets; can copy/publish

Jones, Alexandra —“The Parallels between Thomas Wolfe’s Life and the Characters He Created in The Web and the Rock ; can copy/publish

Spring 2018

Ambroso, Renee — “The Development of Identity in Tillie Olsen’s Yonnondio:from the Thirties ; can copy/publish

Black, Kayla — “Alienation and the Grotesque in Sylvia Path’s Ariel Poems”; can copy/publish

Britton, Sarah — “Thoughtful Laughter: Fantasy and Satire as Social Commentary in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld ; can copy/publish

DiBartolo, Britt — “A Positive Failure: Holy Foolishness, Paradox, and Narrative in Dostoevsky’s The Idiot ; can copy/publish

Dowdy, Austin — “Pixelated Faces in IRL (In Real Life) Places: Exploring How ‘Textese’ in Melissa Broder’s So Sad Today Builds Community Among Confessional Women Writers” ; can copy/publish

Edwards, George — “Fantasies of the Psyche: A Gonzo Reality Given by the Good Doctor of the 1972 Presidential Campaign” ; can copy/publish

Ervin, Aaron — “Reconsidering P.G. Wodehouse: A Look Back on the Critical Reception of the Performing Flea ; can copy/publish

Farrow, Jessica Lynn Griffin — “The Struggle to Survive and Thrive: Assessing the Cognitive Complexities of Trauma and Recovery in Emma Donoghue’s Room ; can copy/publish

Forbes, Cara A. — “‘If I could only get to that place’: Tragedy and the American Dream in Christina Henriquez’s The Book of Unknown Americans ; can copy/publish

Kennedy, Margaret — “‘Turdy-facy-nasty-paty-lousy-fartical rogues’: Mountebanks and Alchemists in Ben Jonson’s Volpone and The Alchemist ; can copy/publish ; cannot be used for profit

Meulenberg, Heidi — “Powers to Create and Step into the Right Picture: Developing Personal Vision in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre ; can copy/publish

Petrovic, Jelena — “Ishmael as Guide to the Reader in the Hunt for the Great White Whale” ; can copy/publish

Whitener, Lyric — “Molding of Identity and Community Responsibilty in Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly ; can copy/publish

Fall 2017

Benfield, Margaret — “Woooo-hoooooo I have a message for you:” Narrative Empathy and the Deconstruction of Convention in Ali Smith’s Hotel World ; can copy/publish

Dixon, Josey — Edward Lear and the Liberation of Young Readers Through Nonsense ; cannot copy/publish

Duven, Ayden — Stories to Pass On: Literary Trauma in Toni Morrison’s Beloved and Paradise ; cannot copy/publish

Herron, Madeline — All American Girls: Geographical Implications and the Quest for Female Autonomy in Zelda Fitzgerald’s Girl Series ; can copy/publish

Johnson, Tana — More Than a Songbird: Rewriting the Female Narrative and Feminism in Willa Cather’s The Song of the Lark ; can copy/publish

Smith, Thomas — Under the Mask: Non-Normative Sexuality in Alan Moore’s Watchmen ; can copy/publish

Watson, Lauren — Murderous Mothers: Historical Context and Madame Villefort of The Count of Monte Cristo ; can copy/publish

Fall 2016

Heisner, Sarah — A Road Map to Awakening: Examining the Function of Supporting Characters in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening; can copy/publish

Pedzwater, Marcy — Outside it is Raining Blood”: Colonialist Attitudes Toward Female Bodies in Dolores Prida’s Beautiful Senoritas and Coser y cantar; can copy/cannot publish

Peltack, Ashley M. — “The Seduction Reduction” of India: Colonial, Missionary, and Educative Pursuits in Jane Eyre. can copy/publish

Schlanger, Dana — “It was the Writing of Them, That Signified”: Reshaping Reader Perceptions of Appalachian and Disabled Identities in Lee Smith’s Fair and Tender Ladies. can copy/publish

Shakil, Hamda — Corps Morcele: Spectacular Anatomy, Anatomy Theatres, and the Fragmented Body of John Donne. can copy/publish

Walker, Chelsea — “A Wound so Deep and Ragged”: The Vulnerable Body of Appalachia in Ron Rash’s Short Stories. can copy/publish

Spring 2016

Allen, Charles T. — Abanding Pretense: Oscar Wilde’s Engagement with Society ; can copy/publish

Byrd, Barbara Leigh — “Egg Full of Words”: Language and the Power of Context in Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake ; can copy/publish

Helms, Alexandra — Defeating the Dragon: In Defense of Reading Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane as a Work of Children’s Gothic Horror ; can copy/publish

Hufham, Scott — With All Eyes on You: Distantiation Through Multiple Perspectives in As I lay Dying ; can copy/publish

Kennedy, Mary Laura D. — A Method to His Madness: The Role of Insanity in Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita ; can copy/publish

Leander, Kira R. — In Search of “Tremendous Frontiers”: A Socially Redemptive Reframing of Flannery O’Connor’s The Displaced Person ; can copy/publish

Peragine, Juliana — Under Pressure: Suicide, Gender, and Agency in Hamlet ; can copy publish

Pringle, Jessica Nicole — “Mad to be Saved”: On the Borderline of Expectation and Desire in Joyce Johnson’s Come and Join the Dance ; can copy/publish

Smith, Alex — “Decorous Ordering”: The Hierarchy of Social narrative and the Individual in William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom! ; can copy/publish

Soto, Alejandro — Broken Men: The Failures of Machismo in Junot Diaz ; can be copied/published

Worley, Jarred — Machine Made of Wood and Women: House as System and Symbol in Shirley JAckson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle ; can copy/publish

Fall 2015

Bonner, Emily A. — “Among Mankind’s Deepest Need”: repetitive Grief and Intimate Isolation in Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude ; can copy/publish

Dunkel, Rachel — Projected Selves: Expression and Performativity in Berryman’s 77 Dream Songs ; can copy/publish

Gabriel, Emily — An Empty Labyrinth: Nihilism and the Creation of Fear in Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves ; can copy/publish

Gill, Shannon Michelle — “The Reluctant Masquerade”: Constructing the Closet in Yukio Mishima’s Confessions of a Mask ; can copy/publish

Lofquist, Izze — “Hold Him in Your Arms”: Deconstruction of Gender Roles in the Post-Apocalyptic Novel The Road ; can copy/publish

Rogers, Jacob — Novel to Novel to Film: From Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway to Michael Cunningham’s and Daldry-Hare’s The Hours ; can copy/publish

Schermerhorn, Grace — Appa-LAY-Shuh: Environmentalism and Challenging Appalachian Stereotypes in Ron Rash’s Serena ; can copy/publish

Skipper, Samantha — The Tolkien Paradox: The Silmarillion and the Denouncment of War Using Heroic Style ; can copy/publish

Triplett, Lorie — Orlando and the Metamorphosis of Gender and Sexuality in Virginia Woolf’s Fictionalized History ; can copy/publish

Weddington, Michael — Absurd Function Upends Familar Form: Satire, Literary Space-Time, and the Subversion of Deterministic Meta-Narrative in Kurt Vonnegut’s The Sirens of Titan ; can copy/publish

Willet, Carlie — Isolation in William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying: Lack of Connection to Place, Family, and the Individual ; can copy/publish

Spring 2015

Alamour, Runda — Searching for Middle Ground: Connecting the East and West through Universal Themes in The Kite Runner ; can copy/publish

Bowman, Savannah — The Soil is Bad for Certain Kinds of Flowers: Dominant Cultural Narratives and the Impact of Community in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye ; can copy/publish

Dealy, Jourdan — What Could She Say? : The Problem of Female Silence in Ovid’s Metamorphoses ; can copy/publish

Flipin, Adrienne — “Gawd Owns Them Woods” : The Intersectionality of religion, Gender, and Class in Flannery O’Conner’s A Circle of Fire ; can copy/publish

Gailey, Joe — The World in Harmony Framed: A Musical Approach to Renaissance Poetics from the Works of Thomas Campion and his Contemporariness ; can copy/publish

Giannini, Kilian Joseph — The Neoliberal Bildungsroman: Individual and National “Development” in Peter Mountford’s A Young Man’s Guide to Late Capitalism and Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger ; can copy / cannot publish

Hicks, Ashley — Religion and Reality: Literature and Prophecy in the Fiction of Flannery O’Conner ; can copy/publish

Lisowski. Jozef — “Making is Half, but Ruin is Everything”: Gender, Apocalypse, and the Performance of Others in The Melancholy of Resistance ; can copy/publish

Mathew, Theresa — Making Race Invisible: The Anticipation of the Rise of Colorblind Racism in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man ; can copy/publish

Mayne, Dennis — Butchered to Make an Austrian Holiday: Individual Morality, the Group, and how Never the Twain Shall Meet ; can copy/publish

Noel, Hannah — Defending Steinbeck: Morality, Philosophy, and Sentimentality in East of Eden ; can copy/publish

Nowik, Vanessa M. — “I have had my vision”: Balancing Subjective and Objective Views of Reality in To the Lighthouse ; can copy/publish

Pfeffer, Heather Anne — Nine Companions: Exploring Loyalty Beyond Logic in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring ; can copy/publish

Pollifrone, Max — Babbling, Braining, and Brooding Mr. Bones: An Exploration of the Metapoetic in 77 Dream Songs ; can copy/publish

Tavener, Katherine — “The Knot Loops in upon Itself”: Futility in Language, Communication, and Meaning in J. M. Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians ; can copy/publish

Wilbur, Olive — Ovid’s Judgment of Heroes: Comic Criticism in the Metamorphoses ; can copy/publish

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Alspaugh, Jake — “He Was Something He Hated:” Psychologically Internalized Racism in Richard Wright’s Native Son ; can copy/publish

Houghton, Elizabeth — Taking the TARDIS to Neverland: The Undefined Self in Doctor Who and Peter Pan; can copy/publish

Means, Marla — “I’m Indian in My Bones”: Debunking Stereotypes and Subverting Dominant Culture in the Works of Sherman Alexie ; can copy/publish

Shields, Lolly — Getting Mad or Going Mad: Advocating for Alison Langdon’s Non-Conformity Towards Gender Expectations in Carson McCuller’s Reflections in A Golden Eye” ; can copy/ cannot publish

Sluder, Taylor — Remaining Men Together: Chuck Palahniuk’s Ethic of Masculinity in Fight Club and Survivor ; can copy/publish

Zappel, Chelsea — Reconceptualizing the Past: Exploring the Material Realities in Angela Carter’s Black Venus ; can copy/publish

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Arghiere, Bryce — Mark Twain’s Writing During his Last Twenty Years: The Conflicts of a Moralist ; can copy/publish

Brooks, Sarah — Understanding Appalachian Stereotypes in Lee Smith’s Oral History ; can copy/publish

Cape, Robin — The Grapes of Wrath and the Modern Sustainability Conversation ; can copy/publish

Carringer, Hogan — Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in the Contemporary Classroom ; can copy/publish

Day, Stephanie — Disenfranchisement, Violence, and Reform: John Steinbeck and Pete Hautman’s American Families ; can copy/publish

Deaton, Winford — Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Evidence of Despair ; can copy/publish

Dodge, Lynn — Destruction of Formal Barriers: Critical Reception of Kurt Vonnegut’s Work ; can copy/publish

Dunsmore, Brian — “Usurper.” Racial and Political Biases of Narrative Assemblage in the “Cyclops” Chapter of James Joyce’s Ulysses ; can copy/publish

Eudy, Virginia — Myth and the Finite Sublime: A Study of Edgar Allan Poe’s Mythological Works ; can copy/publish

Evans, Chelsea — In the Name of Acceptance: Human Nature in Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth ; can copy/publish

Fisher, William — The Eyes Have It: Ocular Imagery and Allusions in James Joyce’s Ulysses ; can copy/publish

Gill, Dustin — The Nexus of Civilization and Wilderness in the Works of Jack London ; can copy/publish

Griffin, Sam — In the silence you don’t know: Cartesian Thought in Samuel Beckett’s The Unnamable ; can copy/publish

Halsey, Ashley — The Female Body as Represented in John Donne’s Poetry ; can copy/publish

Hicks, Victoria — Patriarchal Representation and Domestic Liberation: The Home in Kate Chopin’s Short Fiction ; can copy/publish

Jaskulski, Greta — Depriving the Symbol of Its Power: The Dissolution of Meaning in Albert Camus’s “Cycle of the Absurd” ; can copy/publish

MacDougall, Kara — Sex and Sexuality in William Blake’s Vision of the Daughters of Albion ; can copy/publish

Manselle, David — Camelot’s Reaction to Sir Gawain’s Failure ; can copy/publish

Marshall, William — Blake’s Insistence of Understanding the Hidden Urizenic Archetype ; can copy/publish

McCuller, Forrest — “The Myth of the Mechanical man in Thomas Pynchon’s V.” ; can copy/publish

Mechanic, Jolene — The Thin Line Between Love and the Consequences of Hate: The Tragedy of Thomas Sutpen and the South ; can copy/publish

Murphy, Brenda — Attempting to Avoid Banishment and Prosecution While Exploring Cultural Depictions in Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn ; can copy/publish

Murphy, Michael Richard — The Hooker with a Heart of Gold: Dostoevsky’s Complex Portrayal of Women ; can copy/publish

Napoli, Lauren — “Ay me, how many perils doe enfold/The righteous man, to make him daily fall?”: Evolution of Red Cross Knight in Book 1 of “The Faerie Queene (Spenser I.viii.1) ; cannot copy/publish

O’Cain, Patricia — The Language of Rebirth in Sylvia Plath’s Ariel Poems ; can copy/publish

Riley, Jacob — To Test an Idea: Menippean Satire in Lawrence Durrell’s Avignon Quintet ; can copy/publish

Shaw, Alexander — Dante’s Henchmen: God’s Work and the Monsters of Inferno ; can copy/publish

Sheets, Nathan — Raising Ritual to the Level of Art: Recovering African American Culture in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man ; can copy/publish

Smith, Brian Allen — American Psycho’s Critical Barrage: Examining Bret Easton Ellis’ Most Controversial Novel ; can copy/publish

Spindler, Colin — The Queerness of Masculinity in John Cheever’s Bullet Park ; cannot copy/publish

Streshley, Meagan — Appalachian Stereotypes and Denise Giardina’s The Unquiet Earth ; can copy/publish

Teague, Emily — A Dirge Without Music: Death in the Poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay ; can copy/publish

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Baker, Amanda — Intentionality: Toni Morrison and The Bluest Eye ; can copy/publish

Blair, Kathleen — Fetishizing Innocence, Performing Sickness, and Achieving Wholeness: The Body as Weapon in The Bell Jar; can copy/publish

Crawford, Carly — Cosmic Convergence in Everything that Rises Must Converge: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin as Theological Muse ; can copy/publish

DeBoer, Zachary – Carnival Virtues: Sex, Sacrilege, and the Grotesque in Nathanael West’s Miss Lonelyhearts ; can copy/publish

Edwards, Jin — Landscape and the Supernatural within William Butler Yeats’s Early Poems ; can copy/publish

Gerall, Alina — “And the Leaves of the Tree Were for the Healing of the Nations”: Literature and Civil Disobedience in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 ; can copy/publish

Harvin, Maggie — Katherine Anne Porter’s Women and the Institutions that Ensnare Them: Confinement and the Will for Freedom in Flowering Judas and Other Stories ; can copy/publish

Metz, Melissa — Freaks, the Grotesque, and Other Sideshow Attractions in the Fiction of Carson McCullers ; can copy/publish

Reilly, Rebekah — Fragmented Realities in Salman Rushdie’s Shame ; can copy/publish

Rikhye, Sonya — The Existential Crisis of Coetzee’s Protagonistsin Waiting for the Barbarians and Disgrace ; can copy/publish

Thompson, Halley — Flannery O’Connor: Fiction as Theological Parable ; can copy/publish

Travis, Crystal — The Demonology of Mark Twain: Reading The Mysterious Stranger Manuscripts ; can copy/publish

Walton, Jessica — Ain’t No Laughing Matter: Southern Humor in Clyde Edgerton’s Raney ; can copy/publish

Watson, Gwen — Searching for Humanity Through the Eyes of Ernest Gaines: Nonverbal Communication in A Lesson Before Dying ; can copy/publish

Weaver, Amanda — The Epic Battle of God and Nature In Tennyson’s In Memoriam ; can copy/publish

Wellman, Pamela — The truth cannot be anywhere but in the speaking of it: Storytelling and the Action of Ambiguity in Cormac McCarthy’s The Crossing; can copy/publish

White, Logan — Ignoble Savages: Lester Ballard of Cormac McCarthy’s Child of God ; can copy/publish

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Bennett, Emily —The Noise of a Hero: Finding the mock Heroic in Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children ; can copy/publish

Boone, Emily — The Literary Use of Female Sexuality: Nedjma, Jacobs, and Walker; can copy/publish

Bruce, Dylan — Envisioning Language and Creating the Hyperreal: The Postmodern Condition in Jorge Luis Borges’ Ficciones; can copy/publish

Brumley, Emily Ann — Wariinga’s Got a Gun: Feminism and Revolution in Devil on the Cross ; can copy/publish

Buckner, Micah — Spain in Our Hearts: Pablo Neruda Poet of the People ; can copy/publish

Carson, Ingrid — A Bid for Freedom: Talking Back in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando ; can copy/publish

Cox, Tamsen Meserve — A Vastness of the Soul:  Ethnic Realism and Magical Realism in Amy Tan’s The Hundred Secret Senses ; can copy/publish

Hartis, Daniel A. — The Pirate and Rogue in Donald Barthelme’s Anti-Fairy Tales ; can copy/publish

Herring, Joel — Surface without Aperture:  Interpretive Uncertainty in J.M. Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians ; can copy/publish

Hicks, Thomas — Queering the Mainstream: Armistead Maupin and The Night Listener ; can copy/publish

Huntley, Sandra Searcy — Finding Their Places in Time: An Examination of Alexandra Bergson and Julie Richards ; can copy/publish

Klerekoper, Andrew — The Tool of Civilization: The Use of Violence in W.B. Yeats’s The Tower ; can copy/publish

Krulikas, Viktorija — Aberrant Characters in Four Flannery O’Connor Stories ; can copy/publish

Lanham, Charlie — Media As Authority in Don DeLillo’s White Noise ; can copy/publish

Martin, Candace — Language, Identity, and Oppression: Reading Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale as Slave Narrative ; can copy/publish

Mattison, William — Courtesy of the Green Knight: Spirituality and Religious Ritual in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight ; can copy/publish

McManus, Kim — Rabindranath Tagore: A Voice for the Downtrodden ; cannot copy/publish

Parrish, Richard Jeremy — William S. Burroughs’ Naked Lunch:  Drugs, Satire, and the Metaphor of Control ; can copy/publish

Pendergraft, Paul — “Working for the Common Good”: The Sun Also Rises as Ironic Cultural Critique ; can copy/publish

Plemmons, Kellie S. — What Lies Beneath: Motivations for Emma Bovary’s Suicide? ; can copy/publish

Salomon, Nicholas — Conspiracy or Delusion?:  Paranoia in Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49 ; can copy/publish

Sheehan, John Patrick — Montage and Self-Reflexivity in the “Wandering Rocks” Episode of Ulysses ; can copy/publish

Vernon, Robert D.  — Boats Against the Current Born Back Ceaselessly into Our Past:  Narrative Fragmentation and the Construction of Meaning in The Great Gatsby ; can copy/publish

Wilensky, Jesse Daniel — Pinter’s Penal Panopticon ; can copy/publish

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Chapman, Melissa — Fiction to Film: The Transference of Morals in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire; can copy/publish

Cheuk, David — Maxing Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior:  Forming Identity through Silence ; can copy/publish

Crowder, Travis — Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night: Disguise, Gender Roles, and Goal-Setting ; can copy/publish

Draughon, John — Masculinity and Gender in A Farewell to Arms: Creating Understanding in the Secondary School Classroom; can copy/publish

Hyder, Scott Adam — Broken Expectations of Sleeping Beauty in Robert Coover’s Briar Rose ; can copy/publish

Jacobs, Debra — Orality and the Art of Survivance: The Trickster Figure in Sherman Alexie’s The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven ; can copy/publish

Lee, Kara A. — Actions that Speak Louder than Words:Survival, Identity, and the Play of Perspective in Alice Walker’s The Third Life of Grange Copeland ; can copy/publish

Mozley, John — Sinking the Titanic:  The Iceberg and its Minimalist Implications on Raymond Carver’s Fiction ; cannot copy/ can publish

Ogle, Talia Rebecca — Jane Austen, Marry Wollstonecraft and Feminism ; can copy/publish

Popkin, Luanne — The Hunger of the Oversoul ; can copy/publish

Robinson, Bridget — Who Belongs? Insiders and Outsiders in Lee Smith Oral History ; can copy/publish

Wallace, Jessica Lynn — “To Be Concerned about Being Grown Up”: Preoccupation with the Adult in C.S. Lewis’s Boxen Juvenilia ; can copy/publish

Watson, Christopher — Reading Against the Grain: The Nature of Interpretation and Critical Appropriation in J.M. Coetzee’s Life and Times of Michael K; can copy/publish

Wheatley, Matthew — The Role of Phrasal stress in Shakespeare’s Lucrece and the Winter’s Tale ; can copy/publish

Wyatt, Denise — A Defense for Milton ; can copy/publish

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Alvarez, Margaret Mao — By Way of Neither: Elusive Language/Meaning in The Satanic Verses ; can copy/publish

Anderson, Laura DeBerry — Charting the Mysteries of Suicide & the Adolescent Mind: A Study of the Virgin Suicides and Girl, Interrupted ; can copy/publish

Asbill, Christopher R. — The Rhetoric of the Perilous Realm ; can copy/publish

Aultowski, Adam — The Unreal City: Holden, Ducks, and Catching in the Rye ; can copy/publish

Averette, Sally — The Reformation of Boundaries in Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping ; can copy/publish

Becker, John Alexander — Reconciliation and Sundering: The Hermeneutical Experience in James Joyce’s Ulysses & A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man ; can copy/publish

Cooper, Routh Allison — Transgressing the Machinery of Myth in As I Lay Dying ; can copy/publish

Drye, Kimberly — Voices in the Wind ; can copy/publish

Foster, Nicole — Where Do We Go From Here? The Inherent Instability of Jim Coetzee’s Disgrace ; can copy/publish

Gilbert, William C. — History, Culture, and the Search for Individual Identity in Invisible Man; can copy/publish

Gnidovic, Daniel J. — Twilight on Corrugated Iron: Steinbeck’s Artistry in Cannery Row ; can copy/publish

Goodman, Sarah Vance — Seduction of the South: Faulkner’s Alluring Character ; can copy/publish

Judd, Nancy Thompson — “History’s Journey A Quest for Identity in Charles Johnson’s Middle Passage ; can copy/publish

Leonard, Zach — Seraph on the Suwanee: A Second Look ; can copy/publish

Levine, Elisa — Engaging Struggle, Finding Hope: A Revolution of Emergence in Alejo Carpenter’s The Kingdom of This World; can copy/publish

Ludwick, Erin — Images of Duplicity: From Maternal Rejection to Male Identification in the Poetry of Sylvia Plath ; can copy/publish

McManus, Mary Frances Rusk — The Significance of Metaphor, Imagery & New Technology in Milan Kundra’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being and Immortality ; can copy/publish

Ryan, Dustin — Converting the Bread of Everyday Life: Moral Resistance and the Futility of Repression in the “Nausicaa” Chapter of James Joyce’s Ulysses ; can copy/publish

Schiefer, Elizabeth — Kafka’s Little Modern Fable ; can copy/publish

Schuyler, Rebecca — The Metafictional Power Struggle: If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler ; can copy/publish

Smith, Jennifer Lynn — The Ambiguous Persona in the Cabaret Poems of Langston Hughes’ The Weary Blues ; can copy/publish

Squires, David D. — “Reciprocally Rendered Invisible”: Sexual and Textual Representation in the “Ithaca” Episode in James Joyce’s Ulysses ; can copy/publish

Stapleton, Laina M — ‘Atticus is a Gentleman, Just Like Me’: Morality in To Kill a Mockingbird ; can copy/publish

Tinsley, Joshua — Waging the War of Words: Mythmaking in Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian ; can copy/publish

Walker, Will — The Blending of Genres in King Lear ; can copy/publish

Woodside, Jessica Carolyn — “Tyler, Please Deliver Me”: A Comparison between Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club and Jack Kerouac’s On the Road ; can copy/publish

Zynda, Danielle — ‘Reader, I Married Him’: Jane Eyre‘s Problematic Ending ; can copy/publish

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Atkins, Emily –Theory in Practice: Merging the Political and the Theoretical in Gloria Naylor’s Bailey’s Cafe cannot copy/publish

Bishop, Lisa Dawn — John Milton’s Hell and Hell on Earth in Paradise Lost: Mental Hell Verses Physical Hell and Features of the Fallen ; cannot copy/publish

Brookshire, Sherry — Gothic Perversions in Matthew Lewis’s The Monk ; cannot copy/publish

Burns, Dennis — On Kerouac and Buddhism: A Study of On the Road and The Dharma Bums ; cannot copy/publish

Chastain, Charlotte — The “Good Shepherd”: Representation of Authority and Leadership in the Inferno and the Canterbury Tales ; cannot copy/publish

Combs, Kim — Medb: A Unique Female Voice in the Old Irish Epic the Tain ; cannot copy/publish

Credille, Alyse — Translating the Soul: A Look Inside Brian Friel’s Translations ; cannot copy/publish

Day, Josh T. — Horror-Craft: The Fear of Formula and Suspense ; cannot copy/publish

Early, Martha — The Structure of The Grapes of Wrath ; cannot copy/publish

Edwards, Susan M. — Vulnerable to Interpretation: The Fairies and Craftsmen of A Midsummer Night’s Dream ; cannot copy/publish

Gianna, Michael — “You strikes me as ornery”: The Function of the Black face Character in John Ferryman’s The Dream Songscannot copy/publish

Hammond, Shelly — Exploration of Womanish Traditions in Gloria Naylor’s Bailey’s Cafe ; cannot copy/publish

Hudson, Elizabeth – – The Art of Fred Chapel’s Narrative Techniques in I Am One of You Forever ; cannot copy/publish

Hun sicker, Daven A. — The Father, Actual and Literary, In the Poetry of Seamus Haney ; cannot copy/publish

Hussy, Maya L. — Elizabeth Haskell’s North and South: Improving Factory Relations Through Dialogue and Sympathy ; cannot copy/publish

Knight, Carleigh Kate — Ruins Where There Was Never a House: Historical Reconstruction in Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia ; cannotcopy/publish

Lusk, Ashley — Male Bonds in William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and Twelfth Night ; cannot copy/publish

MacDonald, Benjamin — “I Ain’t Saying Nothing”: A Study of the Political Ambiguity of the Poetry of W.B. Yeats ; cannotcopy/publish

Monk, Dickson — Relying on the Unreliable: Postmodern Narrative in Salman Rushdie’s Midnight Children ; cannot copy/publish

Peck, Marshall — The Hemingway Hero: Characterization of the Undefeated ; cannot copy/publish

Rhodes, Amanda M. — Domination of “the Other”: Rape and Power in The Metamorphoses ; cannot copy/publish

Scovil, Matthew — Ambiguity in Milan Kundra’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being ; cannot copy/publish

Straub, Nicole — Social Emptiness and Disconnection in Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho: Superficiality and the Search for Identity ; cannot copy/publish

Turner, Mea — Reworking Conceptions: Eve, Mary, and Chaucer’s Feminine Characters ; cannot copy/publish

Warren, Adam R. — The Regeneration of Innocence: William Blake’s “Songs of Innocence and of Experience” as a Paradigm for Understanding the Spirituality of Literature ; cannot copy/publish

Wilson, Sarah M. — From America to the Congo: An Exploration of the Cultural Transitions Made by the Price Family in The Poisonwood Bible Through the Eyes of Leah Price ; cannot copy/publish

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Doshier, Elise –This Twittering World: Women and Voice in the Poetry and Plays of T.S. Eliot ; cannot copy/publish

Fennell, Julie — Wallace Stevens’ Neo-Pagan Cosmos ; cannot copy/publish

Goode, Mollie — East of Eden: Representations of Samuel, Cathy, and Lee ; cannot copy/publish

Hall, Jennifer E. — Making Your Own Bed and Laying in it: A Spectrum of Women in Lee Smith’s Fiction ; cannot copy/publish

Hansen, Kelly — Within the Acceptable Norm: A Study of Jane Austen’s Matron Characters ; cannot copy/publish

Killerlane, Lisa — Their story: The Fictional Character’s Guide to History ; cannot copy/publish

Lee, Margaret — “Faulkner Predicts the Future Through Sons in As I Lay Dying” ; cannot copy/publish

McCall, Kristina L. — The Plight of the “Slave Mother” and her Desire for Freedom as Told Through Harriet Jacobs’ Incidents in Life of a Slave Girl and Toni Morrison’s Beloved ; cannot copy/publish

McGuire, Meghan H. — The Walk of a Queen: The Aisling Echoed in Yeats’ Cathleen Ni Houlihan ; cannot copy/publish

Parenti, Suzanne Lyn — Hemmingway’s Habits: A Writer’s Life Explained in A Moveable Feast ; cannot copy/publish

Pearson, Kimberly — Half Savage …But Hardly Free: Women and Animals in Agnes Grey and Wuthering Heights ; can copy/publish

Rodevick, Stephanie — Penelope and Circe: Powerful Feminine Influences in Homer’s Odyssey ; cannot copy/publish

Rutledge, Cassie — In the Name of Love: A Closer Look at Love in Shakespearean Comedy and Tragedy ; cannot copy/publish

Shell, Traci — Banishing a False Image: A Critique of Eve’s Representation in John Milton’s Paradise Lost and her character in Genesis ; cannot copy/publish

Zuehlke, Marian — “Mary Shelley’s Use of Victor’s Relationship To Critique Patriarchal Society” in her novel Frankenstein ;cannot copy/publish

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Arbegust, Bonnie –The Construction of Maternal Power in Macbeth ; cannot copy/publish

Ashe, Ariel — The Furies of Athena: Expressions of Cultural Change in Aeschylus’ The Eumenides ; cannot copy/publish

Davis, Jennifer L. — The Sound and Fury of Faulkner’s Continuum ; cannot copy/publish

Dunlap, Noah Daniel — Not By Force: Cromwell as the Archetype for Satan in Paradise Lost ; cannot copy/publish

Harbinson, Heather Ashley — An Inveterate Novel Reader Makes  But a Miserable Wife and Mother: Novels that Instruct as Well as Delight ; cannot copy/publish

Heimer, Robin — Expansion and the Domestic Frontier: Gender Transposition and Its Consequences in Willa Cather’s O Pioneers! ; cannot copy/publish

Henderson, Stephanie — Love, Passion, and Interlocking Triangles in Emily Bronte’s: Wuthering Heights ; cannot copy/publish

Huskey, A. Hope — Defying Womanhood: Exploring the Power of Choices by Catherine Earnshaw and Jane Eyre ; cannotcopy/publish

Knox, Helena M. — Harry Potter, the Un-Dead, and the Dark Expanse of the Unknown: The Reinvention of the Gothic Novel in Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the Works of J.K. Rowling ; cannot copy/publish

Lewis, Megan L. — Boundary-Crossing Queens: Shakespeare’s Cleopatra and Elizabeth I ; cannot copy/publish

Machalek, Katherin Elizabeth  — What Makes Reason Right?: Education, Obedience and Duality of Reason in Paradise Lost ;cannot copy/publish

McGahey, Jacob Ramana — The Literary Prophet’s Search for Meaning: A Close Look at the Lives and Literary Works of Franz Kafka and Allen Ginsberg ; cannot copy/publish

Oelschlaeger, Eric S — Dissemblance and Agency in Elizabeth’s Cary’s: The Tragedy of Mariam ; cannot copy/publish

Williams, Kendra — Ecofeminism in Barbara Kingsolver’s: Prodigal Summer ; cannot copy/publish

Wilson, Kellie — Creative Destruction: Images in Sylvia Plath’s Poetry ; cannot copy/publish

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Allgood, Amanda Lee — Women as Texts: How are They Read?; cannot copy/publish

Benton, Katharine — Angela Carter’s The Magic Toyshop: The Magical Power of Art ; can copy/publish

Bowles, Elizabeth — Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: A Critique of the Effects of Patriarchal Nineteenth Century Europe on Women and Children ; can copy/publish

Calnan, Camilla S. — William Carlos Williams’ Levels of Memory: Explored through “Shadows” and “The Descent” ; cannotcopy/publish

Corriher, Charles — Futile Gestures: Aggression, Ethics, and Entropy in Raymond Carver’s What We Talk About When We Talk About Love ; cannot copy/publish

Currey, Mason — “The Refuge of Art:” Aesthetics, Escapism and Redemption in Lolita ; cannot copy/publish

Gallagher, Theodore Miles — A Little More Is Revealed: A Study of the Epiphanies in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man ;cannot copy/publish

Galloway, Amy — Wicked Women or Admirable Ladies?: The Portrayal of Medieval Females in Boccaccio’s Decameron ; cannotcopy/publish

Goffin, Jordan — Mason and Dixon: Drawing Menippean Lines through American History ; cannot copy/publish

McDonald, Rache — Confessions of a White Widowed Male: Redefining Narrative Unreliability in Nabokov’s Lolita ; cannotcopy/publish

Moore, Genevieve — ” To show my sex the way to freedom’s door” : Divorce and Women’s Dissent in Elizabeth Cary’s The Tragedy of Mariam ; cannot copy/publish

Newton, Jessica — The Role of Sacrifice in Flannery O’Connor’s Short Stories ; cannot copy/publish

Padgett, Kristen M. — The Controlling Woman in Eudora Welty’s: A Curtain of Green and Other Stories ; can copy/publish

Penland, Alison Metcalf — Fear in The Cancer Journals: Audre Lorde and Autopathography ; cannot copy/publish

Schwartz, Christina S. — Storytelling in Full Color or Black and White: Frazier, Chekhov, and Lake Wobegone ; cannot copy/publish

Thuot, Christopher — Louisa May Alcott’s Moods: A Nineteenth Century Woman’s Struggle Against Nature and Society ; cannotcopy/publish

Whisenhunt, Laura Adair — The Exploration of Reality in Jeanette Winterson’s The Passion ; cannot copy/publish

Whitmire, Lesley — “They Wasn’t Mine to Love”: Motherhood in Beloved ; cannot copy/publish

Zace, April — The Autobiography of Madame Jeanne-Marie de la Motte-Guyon: Breaking Out of the Traditional Mystical Mold ;cannot copy/publish

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Browning, Victoria T. — Creating Authority through Experience: Christine de Pizan and Her Feminization of the Misogynist Literary Tradition ; cannot copy/publish

Caudill, Gray — Looking In and Reaching Out: Let Us Now Praise Famous Men and the Transcendence of Documentary Tradition ; cannot copy/publish

Clere, Sarah Elizabeth — What Work Is: Labor’s Relation to Gender in My Antonia and The Professor’s House ; cannotcopy/publish

Clossey, Brian William — The Myth of Disillusionment in the Fiction of the Great War ; cannot copy/publish

Cozzarin, Andrew — Exceeding Expectations: The Importance of Women in Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath ; cannot copy/publish

Davis, Alixanne Erin — Renaissance Anxieties Concerning Ambiguous Bodies: “Did Clothes Make the Man – or Woman ?” ;cannot copy/publish

Duffy, Katrina — Forces of Vision: Defining Pecola Breedlove in The Bluest Eye ; cannot copy/publish

Gregoire, Terese Annette — Publishing Women: Virginia Woolf and the Freedom of the Private Press ; cannot copy/publish

Kader, Emily L. — Revising and Reclaiming the Myth of Deirdre in Ann Devlin’s Ourselves Alone ; cannot copy/publish

Kowal, Julia — “This World is Not Conclusion”: Emily Dickinson’s Rejection of Determinism ; cannot copy/publish

McCraw, J. Aletha — Negotiating Nationhood: Sexual Anxiety and Female Rule in Elizabethan England ; cannot copy/publish

Miller, Janice E. — “Surviving a Small Place with Grace and Intelligence”: A Study of Social Convention in Pride and Prejudice ;cannot copy/publish

Mitchell, Nona — The Empowerment of Women in Fiction Through Fairy Tales ; cannot copy/publish

Powell, Ethel Ann — Trouble in the Margins: More and Less “The Parts” in Twelfth Night ; cannot copy/publish

Ramsey, Lisa Marie — One Telling of the Kentucky Tragedy: William Gilmore Simms’ Adaptations of History ; cannot copy/publish

Saxman, Elizabeth A. — A Construction of Feminism: In Defense of Scarlett O’Hara ; cannot copy/publish

Schuller, Tracy — A Projection of Self: A Study of Emily Brönte’s Wuthering Heights as Continuation of the Literary Device of Doubling ; cannot copy/publish

Scruggs, Kelly E. — Identifying Millay: The True Value of a Poet ; cannot copy/publish

Sheppard, Debbie — “The Clerk’s Tale”: Submissive Wives, Child Abandonment, and Limitless Patriarchy ; cannot copy/publish

Snipes, Amber — Predictions for Reform: Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Feminist Ideals in a Utopian Setting ; cannot copy/publish

Strivelli, Rachel Astra — The Destruction of the Greater Community in One Hundred Years of Solitude ; cannot copy/publish

Swing, LeAnna Earls — Appalachia’s Celtic Roots: Feminist Deconstruction of Dichotomy and Hierarchy in Lee Smith’s Fair and Tender Ladies ; cannot copy/publish

Thurston, Wendolyn L — Irvine Welsh’s Marabou Stork Nightmares: Scottish National Development and the Novel Politic ; cannotcopy/publish

Tuttle, Johnathan L. — Patti Smith and Arthur Rimbaud: Joined at the Soul ; cannot copy/publish

Westmore, Gillian — “Uncase Thee”: Confounding Class Hierarchies in The Taming of the Shrew ; cannot copy/publish

Wilson, Sunshine — Reflecting Changes: Inclusion of George Herbert in The Norton Anthology of English Literature ; cannot copy/publish

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Buchanan, Bonnie Blue — Facing Dark Comedy: William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying ; cannot copy/publish

Byington, Jonathan C. — The Emasculation of Hamlet: The Effects of Spiritual Turmoil ; cannot copy/publish

Donaldson, Jr., Alphonso — Salvador Dali and Andre Breton’s Struggle for the Surrealist Identity through History, Paintings, Prose and Poetry ; cannot copy/publish

Fravel, Tamara A. — Conrad’s Heart of Darkness: A Romantic Hero’s Quest ; cannot copy/publish

Gaither, Alicia Sunye — Images of Emily Brontë Within Wuthering Heights ; cannot copy/publish

Giles, Ryan — The Earnest Game of Geoffrey Chaucer and Juan Ruiz ; cannot copy/publish

Hall, April DéShawn — Themes of Social Protest in the Work of Two Women Writers of the Harlem Renaissance ; cannotcopy/publish

Heald, Candice (now Candice Heald Cunningham) — The Virgin, the Wife and the Widow: Perception and the Power of Choice inThe Canterbury Tales ; can copy/publish

Hutchens, Elizabeth Jacobi — Solutions to the Marriage Problem: Congreve’s The Way of the World ; cannot copy/publish

Junge, Troy Alexander — Perspectives: On Understanding Charles Olson’s The Special View of History; cannot copy/publish

Kirbach, Stephen Mark — Epic Convention and the Suspect Structure of Meaning in Susan Howe’s Secret History of the Dividing Line ; cannot copy/publish

Lowder, David Eugene — From the American Dream to the American Nightmare ; cannot copy/publish

Monaco, Karen — Holden Caulfield’s Critique of American Society ; cannot copy/publish

Phillips, Sara Elizabeth — Patterns of Experience: Augustinian Spiritual Autobiography and T. S. Eliot’s Four Quartets; cannotcopy/publish

Sanderson, Angela Reneé — The Handmaid’s Tale as a Postmodern Dystopian Text ; cannot copy/publish

Taylor, Amanda Elise — Walt Whitman’s “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d”: A Study of Transcendental Art ; cannotcopy/publish

Varner, Miriam Elizabeth — “I’m telling you stories. Trust me.” : Jeanette Winterson’s The Passion as a Work of Metafiction ;cannot copy/publish

Vess, Laura Beth Lavender — A Disappointing Leader and Judge: The Host in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales ; cannotcopy/publish

Williams, June Henrichson — Isolation, Sorrow, and Disappointment: Anne Brontë and the Shaping of Agnes Grey ; cannotcopy/publish

Winzeler, Alison Christine — Female Resistance in The Tragedy of Mariam: Speech as a Means of Rebellion ; cannot copy/publish

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Austin, Carrie Michelle. — The Economic Base and the Superstructure of Social Class in Honore de Balzac’s Le Pere Goriot ;cannot copy/publish

Bolick, Arami H. — The Poetics of Juggling: “Combinatorial Play” as NeoRealismo in Italo Calvino’s The Castle of Crossed Destinies ; cannot copy/publish

Broadway, Gina Marie — The Meaning and the Myth: Iconic Animals as Agents of Meaning in Alice Walker’s Novel The Temple of My Familiarcannot copy/publish

Broadway, Matthew — Arafa and Gebelaawi: The Relation Between God and Man ; cannot copy/publish

Crown, Marissa — Truth Telling: Zora Neale Hurston’s Mules and Men ; cannot copy/publish

Cuttler, Steven — Singing of Walls: The Limitations of John Gardner’s Grendel ; cannot copy/publish

Harrell, Jr., Kenneth L. — From Acceptance to Autonomy: Ralph Ellison’s Engagement with Black Freedom in Invisible Man ;cannot copy / can publish

Hollifield, Heather Dawn — Mythical Rebellion: The Inverted Myth Structure of Wuthering Heights ; cannot copy/publish

Kent IV, Richard Peabody — No Circle, No Orbit: Time, Space and Time-Space (Film) in Gravity’s Rainbow ; cannot copy/publish

Krape, Monique Victoria — The Making and Unmaking of Leonard Bast ; cannot copy/publish

LaSpaluto, DeAlva Carraway — The One Thing Needful: The Ethics of education in Charles Dickens’s Hard Times; cannotcopy/publish

Millspaugh, Scott Sims — On Earth as it is in Heaven: The Politics of Decadence in D’Annunzio’s Il Piacere ; cannot copy/publish

Perry, Ellen J. — ‘Had Such a Lady Spoken for Herself’: Christina Rossetti’s Tribute to Women ; cannot copy/publish

Pirkle, Jacqueline M. Podelski — Comparison of Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Man of Law’s Tale: Chaucer’s Intended Associations and Bias ; cannot copy/publish

Ramuten, Cayanne — Langston Hughes’ Transformation of Blues into Poetry ; cannot copy/publish

Roy, Amber — Venice: Setting as Character in Mann’s Death in Venice and James’s The Aspern Papers; cannot copy/publish

Troxler, Elizabeth Engle — Recycling Time in Magic Realism: Toward an Understanding of the Mythic in Contemporary Literature ; cannot copy/publish

Wilbur, Peter — Re-Membering the Past as Presence: Robert Creeley’s Memory Gardens; cannot copy/publish

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Allison, Dusty L. — Two Toads Diverged in a Yellow Wood, and Sorry I Could Not Travel Both: Ways of Looking at Place, Natural World, and Spirituality in the Works of Gary Snyder and Wendell Berry ; cannot copy/publish

Broaddus, Margot A. — A Perspective of Jeannette Winterson: Strength Through the Use of Androgyny and Magic ; cannotcopy/publish

Chandler, Donna N. — Reading With a Blindness of Faith and a Vision of Mystery: Reconsidering Problems of Interpretation of Flannery O’Connor’s Fiction ; cannot copy/publish

Christopher, Stephanie L. — Where the Lines of Fact and Fiction Blur: A Study of Dorothy Allison’s Life ; cannot copy/publish

Cody, Brook — Addie’s Chapter: Faulkner, Modernism, and the Failure of Language ; cannot copy/publish

Delinger, Summer — Edna Pontellier’s Defiant Awakening ; cannot copy/publish

Fellers, Stephanie — The “Unbridaled” Woman: Did Shakespeare Want to Tame the Shrew ; cannot copy/publish

Gant, Wanda — David Copperfield Rewritten into Great Expectations: The Individuation of Protagonist ; cannot copy/publish

Gary, Jessica Cassie — Manipulating Gender for Meaning and Equality in the Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale ; cannotcopy/publish

Gauthier, Timothy — Borgesian Time ; cannot copy/publish

Gibson, Matthew — Mario Vargas Lllosa’s Constantly Recurring Story: The Storyteller as Postmodern Panacea for the Dilemma of Modernism ; cannot copy/publish

Gupton, Michael — Sacrificial Pawns: The Anti-War Themes of Johnny Got His Gun and Slaughterhouse Five ; cannotcopy/publish

Holloway, Joi — World War I: Ripples In Our Time ; cannot copy/publish

Horton, Malcolm Eric — Toward a Universal Poetics: Race and Religion in the Works of Robert Hayden ; cannot copy/publish

Pisano, Jessica Snow — Strindberg’s Dream-like Atmosphere: A Modern Realism ; cannot copy/publish

Price, Stephanie — In Defense of Carl Sandburg: Pedagogue of the Common Folk ; cannot copy/publish

Ramsey, Tonna — Reverse Psychology: Bad Becomes Good in Hamlet ; cannot copy/publish

Rosefield, Scott — A Place Between God and Man: The Anti-parable in Cormac McCarthy’s The Crossing ; cannot copy/publish

Speer, Julie — The Moral Development of Edna in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening ; cannot copy/publish

Spotts, Laura — Yeats, The Mask, and Contmporary Irish Theatre ; cannot copy/publish

Sutherland, Catharine  — Intimacy in the Art of Eudora Welty ; cannot copy/publish

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Andrews, Laura Louise — Hemingway’s Women ; cannot copy/publish

Carey, Jennifer. — Man’s Power, Woman’s Power: Gender Roles and Sexuality in Dracula ; cannot copy/publish

Hall, Kim Marie — The Legacy of Barabas and Shylock ; cannot copy/publish

James, Christine — The Influence of Autobiography in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening ; cannot copy/publish

McCauley, Sara E. — Travels from the Fifth Dimension to Western Mysticism: Quantum Physics as the Bridge between Madeleine L’Engle’s Time Trilogy ; cannot copy/publish

Mehlen, Shelley  — Finding Fertile Ground in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God ; cannot copy/publish

Morgan, Benjamin — Virginia Woolf, the Real and the Reflected ; cannot copy/publish

Neaves, Joy — Wild Women’s Legacies: Community and Heritage in Gloria Naylor’s Fiction ; cannot copy/publish

Sellers, Jennifer — The Questions of Conflict, Choice, and Transformation in Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables ; cannot copy/publish

Thomas, Jonathan — What Are You Reading? ; cannot copy/publish

Trimmer, Kathleen K — Jane Austen: What History Would Be Like ; cannot copy/publish

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Allen, Dorothy Ann — Feminist Messages in The Joys of Motherhood and The Handmaid’s Tale ; cannot copy/publish

Bakkegard, Koren L. — Influence, Imitation, and Originality: Finding the Boundaries of the Effects of  Shakespeare’s Sonnets on the Sonnets of  John  Keats ; cannot copy/publish

Blevins, Andrea — Responsibility for the Fall: Adam Versus Eve ; cannot copy/publish

Bryan, Saskia Nora — Existentialism and Absurdist Theatre: Connections and Interpretations ; cannot copy/publish

Bynum, Angela Genair — Sermons as Literature: Civil Rights Sermons of Dr. Martin Luther King ; cannot copy/publish

Cloherty, Tyler Lynn — Craving Alms of the Sun: Isolation of the Spirit in Wuthering Heights ; cannot copy/publish

Craddock, John — Widsio and the Construction of Anglo-Saxon Narrative ; cannot copy/publish

Evans, Rick — What Mask Do You Wear? ; cannot copy/publish

Forga, Donna — Suicide : Victimization or Liberation? ; cannot copy/publish

Jones, Jessica — Life in Literature: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein ; cannot copy/publish

Jordan, Jay — The Great Language Debate: French, English and Indigenous Tongues in Post- Colonial  African Literature ;cannot copy/publish

Keller, Seth — Self-Portraiture With a Twist Within Tolstoy’s Anna Karenia ; cannot copy/publish

King, Melissa E. — Feminist Messages in The Joys of Motherhood and The Handmaid’s Tale ; cannot copy/publish

Laurie, Julie — Postmodernism: The Problem of Definition ; cannot copy/publish

Nolte, Theresa M. — Sula: A Lesson in Women’s Friendship ; cannot copy/publish

Sconyers, AllyeB Grace — Religious Vision and the Poetry of Dylan Thomas ; cannot copy/publish

Smith, Clasina Leslie — The Garden of Instability: The Interrelationships Between Relativity Theory, Quantum Mechanics, and T.S. Eliot’s Burnt Norton ; cannot copy/publish

Sykes, Tracy — And All Our Songs Are Not Mourning: H/Eros Tales in Audre Lorde’s Zami: A New Spelling of My Name ; cannotcopy/publish

West, Carla D. — Christine de Pizan: Can We Call Her a Feminist? ; cannot copy/publish

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Ackerman, Linda Susanne Wright –The Sense of Place in Southern Fiction as Exemplified in Selected works of Anne Rivers Siddons, Lee Smith, and Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings ; cannot copy/publish

Allen, Sarah Addison — Alaine Robbe-Grillet and the New Novel ; cannot copy/publish

Bland, Laura Gail — Criseyde’s Actions for Self Preservation ; cannot copy/publish

Brazelle, Leslie Gariann — Family History: Those Who Influenced Kate Chopin ; cannot copy/publish

Brewster, Nancy Pamela — Not Blind to the Worth: The Influence of The Leaves of Grass on Victorian British Authors ; cannotcopy/publish

Brittain, James Philip — The Wasteland in Our Time ; cannot copy/publish

Fox, Michelle Leigh — Two Generations Revising the Southern Belle Sterotype: Wilma Dykeman’s The Tall Woman and Gail Godwin’s The Odd Woman ; cannot copy/publish

Godde, Keith L. — Representation of Gullah in Pat Conroy’s The Water is Wide ; cannot copy/publish

Hollifield, Adrienne — Orality and Literacy Sing the Same Song ; cannot copy/publish

Humphrys, Maureen — Are All the Stories True? ; cannot copy/publish

Johnson, Mary Susan — Love, Death, and the Tragedy of Time ; cannot copy/publish

Kessaris, Kimberly Lynn — Art for Life: E. M. Forster’s Dialectic of Aesthetics ; cannot copy/publish

Kirby, Shanon — Dracula and the High School education ; cannot copy/publish

Knowles, Adrienne — Poststructuralist Theory and the Metafiction of Italo Calvino ; cannot copy/publish

Lawson, Gary — Beowulf: As Christian First ; cannot copy/publish

Ledford, Teresa Lynn — The Holy Grail: A Quest To Find Its Beginning ; cannot copy/publish

McKee, Anne Elizabeth — Walt Whitman As America’s Poet and His Influence on William Carlos Williams and Carl Sandburg ;cannot copy/publish

Merrill, R. Chad — Mark Twain’s Use of Humor ; cannot copy/publish

Morse, Melinda Gay Weems — The Transcendental Qualities fo Chopin That Make Her Distinctive ; cannot copy/publish

Peake, Stephen E. — Carver and Updike: Adultery as a Reflection of Contemporary Life ; cannot copy/publish

Phipps, Dana — Through the Eyes of a Child ; cannot copy/publish

Pressley, Laurie Nan — The Interdependence of Treasure and Honor in Beowulf: Why Beowulf Fights the Dragon ; cannotcopy/publish

Proffitt, Dawn Francis — An Appalachian Woman in The Winter People ; cannot copy/publish

Shelton, Tonya — Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost: A Study of the Poetic Theme of Death ; cannot copy/publish

Suswal, Chris — The Knowledge of the Soul: Plato in James Joyce ; cannot copy/publish

Walker, Amy Patricia — Exile: Edna O’Brien, Flann O’Brien and the Pervasive Theme of Irish Twentieth Century Literature ; cannotcopy/publish

White, Kathy Brigham — The Atwood Protagonist: Breaking Chains of Biological Bondage ; cannot copy/publish

Yazan, Murat — Fuzuli: An Introduction; can copy/publish

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Allen, Michelle Leigh — Troy Goes Medieval: What Happens when Chaucer meets the Trojans ; cannot copy/publish

Anthony, Shannon E. — Magical Realism and Gabriel Garcia Marques’s One Hundred Years of Solitudecannot copy/publish

Barber, Pam — What Makes a Regionalist Writer Transcend the Label: The Cases of Wilma Dykeman and Eudora Welty ; cannotcopy/publish

Cando, Allison — Complex in Form, Simple in Appearance: Characteristics of Ernest Hemingway’s Writing Style ; cannotcopy/publish

Cantrell, Donna — Clyde Edgerton’s Dynamic Southern Woman ; cannot copy/publish

Edwards, Alessa — Morality Set Against the Mainstream: Wedekind’s Fruhlings Erwachen ; cannot copy/publish

Paul, Larry R. — Dante, Bernard, and the Final Vision in The Divine Comedy ; cannot copy/publish

Shelton, Karen — Alice Walker’s Women and the Development of Her Womanist Philosophy ; cannot copy/publish

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Bell, Lydia — Questioning Traditional Gender Roles: Jeannette Winterson and Androgyny ; cannot copy/publish

Bock, Melody — Black Women’s Literature: Changing the Traditional View, Mildred Taylor and Toni Morrison ; cannot copy/publish

Cooper, Emily — Dickinson and Rich: A Search for a Female Literary Heritage ; cannot copy/publish

Griffin, Greta — William Faulkner’s Racial Issues and Gender Roles ; cannot copy/publish

Griffin, Teresa — Realism in Twain’s Writing ; cannot copy/publish

Heffner, Jordan — Heroism’s Loss of Center ; cannot copy/publish

Hendricks, Amy — Wuthering Heights: The Feminist Struggle ; cannot copy/publish

Latta, Philip A. — An Introduction to poet Kenneth White ; cannot copy/publish

McGalliard, Barbara Jollae — Charles Dickens and the Orphan Child ; cannot copy/publish

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Creasman, Rhonda — Spencer’s Faerie Queeene and the ‘Cult of Elizabeth’ ; cannot copy/publish

Hill, Mitzi — Father Figures in August Wilson’s Work: Responsible but Inadequate Images ; cannot copy/publish

Lowder, Christy M. — Eudora Welty’s Journeys Into Revelation ; cannot copy/publish

Phaup, John J. — Boouderby and Denial in Charles Dickens’ Hard Times ; cannot copy/publish

Smith, John Howard — Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina as an Answer to the Woman Question ; cannot copy/publish

Turman, Andrew — Unity of Themes ‘In Early Years’ ; cannot copy/publish

Ward, Linda M. — Anna Tyler’s Dysfunctional Families in If Morning Ever Comes and Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant ;cannot copy/publish

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Edwards, Arlene — The Twentieth-Century Dystopian Novel: Why Now? ; cannot copy/publish

Emerick, Jeanette — The Failure of Evolutionary Meliorism in Tess of the D’Urbervilles ; cannot copy/publish

Quinlan, Joseph R. — Edgar Pangborn: An Introduction to His Work ; cannot copy/publish

Williamson, Barbara Lea — The Necessity of Change ; cannot copy/publish

Zachs, Michelle — With Tempered Pen: Christine De Pizan’s Introduction of the Female Perspective in the Medieval Literary Tradition ; cannot copy/publish

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Chastain, Bret — The Influence of Germanic Myths and Legends in Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow — Imitation or Direct Translation ; cannot copy/publish

Dyson, Suzanne — Hemingway’s Women: The Hidden Strengths ; cannot copy/publish

Fullam, David — Chaucer’s Troilus: Delite with Subtyl Art ; cannot copy/publish

Matthew-Wood, Dora — Carson McCullers: Regionalist or Writer? ; cannot copy/publish

Mulkin, Angela — Two and Two Makes Five: Dostoevsky’s Existential Man ; cannot copy/publish

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Bean, Jennifer — Late Medieval Satiric, Chivalric Romances ; cannot copy/publish

Brezillac, Sheri — Showing the Dog the Stick ; cannot copy/publish

Browning, Jennifer Lynn — The Three Worlds of Franz Kafka: Prague, Judaism and the Family ; cannot copy/publish

Erben, Joan — Albert Camus: A Romantic at Heart ; cannot copy/publish

Jacobson, Karla Kristen — Aristotle in the Twentieth Century ; cannot copy/publish

O’Bryan, Heather W. — Eugene O’Neill: From Playwright of General Experience to Playwright of Autobiography ; cannotcopy/publish

Russell, Lorena — Feminist Revisions of Joyce’s Molly Bloom ; cannot copy/publish

Sands, E. Michele — Characters in the Academic Novels of Kingsley Amis, Howard Jacobson and David Lodge ; cannotcopy/publish

Valentine, Linda — A New Portrait of Eve ; cannot copy/publish

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Dedmondt, Wadonna. — The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn : A Revelation of Mark Twain’s Stance on Racism and Nineteenth Century American Social Values ; cannot copy/publish

Grunwell, JoAnne — Gradation of the Victorian Womanly Ideal: Dickens’ Angels and Fallen Women ; cannot copy/publish

Knupp, Beverly — Faullkner, the “Negro” and Honesty ; cannot copy/publish

Lawing, Susan — Idiolects in Great Expectations: Charles Dickens’ Art of Communication ; cannot copy/publish

Lynch, Sue — Anti-Semitism in the Prioress’s Tale ; cannot copy/publish

Randall, Sharon — An Attempt to Recapture the Past ; cannot copy/publish

Tyrer, Jill — Equus: The Creation of a God ; cannot copy/publish

Vergot, Michael — Recurrent Language in The Canterbury Tales ; cannot copy/publish

Wike, Dana — From Troilus and Criseyde to Troilus and Cressida: Chaucer’s Influence on Shakespeare ; cannot copy/publish

Williams, Thurman — Butler, Darwin and Evolutionary Theory: New Criticism of an Old Controversy ; cannot copy/publish

Woodhull, Christopher — E. M. Forster’s Struggle for Domestic Truth ; cannot copy/publish

Woro, Eric — Tragic Irony in Samson Agonistes ; cannot copy/publish

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Coutlakis, John — Conrad and Coppola in Heart of Darkness ; cannot copy/publish

Gallagher, DeAnn — Discovering the Boundaries of Narrative ; cannot copy/publish

Jackson, Tammy — Women in Irish Literature ; cannot copy/publish

Peacock, Wayne — The Question of Time in Contemporary Latin American Literature ; cannot copy/publish

Ray, Mary Lynne — Symbolic Geography of Paradise Lost ; cannot copy/publish

Ray, Pamela — Female Bildung ; cannot copy/publish

Wynhoff, Marty — Myself, Outside: Charlotte Bronte as Victorian Feminist ; cannot copy/publish

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Ammons, Jennifer A. — Antigone: A Timeless Heroine ; cannot copy/publish

Erwin, Ellen — Thomas Mann and the German Question: Doctor Faustus ; cannot copy/publish

Franks, S. Bruce — The Prometheus Myth in Aeschylus and Shelley ; cannot copy/publish

Hall, William Keith — Soft Geology ; cannot copy/publish

Hamilton, Heather — A Collection of Short Stories ; cannot copy/publish

Hardee, Ray — H.L. Mencken: Humor in his Writing ; cannot copy/publish

Harklerode, Katrinia — A Death of One’s Own ; cannot copy/publish

Harlow, Barbara — The World of Paerie in Isak Dinesen;s Short Stories ; cannot copy/publish

Heffner, Loula — Homosexuality in Literature ; cannot copy/publish

Lankford, Dawn C. — Misfortunes that Followed ; cannot copy/publish

Levin, David — White Elephants ; cannot copy/publish

Rickman, Tawana — Isak Dinesen and the Power of the Female ; cannot copy/publish

Saracco, Holly — Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus as a Christian Tragedy ; cannot copy/publish

Thompson, Tracy — The Hills Beyond: Fact of Fiction? ; cannot copy/publish

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Burnett, Mary Allison — The Trouble with Bartleby ; cannot copy/publish

Howard, Kari — D.H. Lawrence and the Modern World ; cannot copy/publish

Jenkins, Lynn — A Woman’s Role in Pride and Prejudice ; cannot copy/publish

Leon, John Ford — The Riddle of Hamlet’s Sanity ; cannot copy/publish

Jones, David — A Little Breakfast ; cannot copy/publish

Ross, Ann — The Call to Heroism ; cannot copy/publish

Skoland, Deborah — The Flaw in Society in Henrik Ibsen’s Plays ; cannot copy/publish

Stark, Bill — Charlton Heston Speaks to Hattie Maynor ; cannot copy/publish

Teresi, Nancy — On the Delicate Edge of Dream ; cannot copy/publish

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Belden, Wendy — Moliere’s Comic Alter Egos ; cannot copy/publish

Buckner, Tonya — The New Tower: Black Dialect in the Classroom ; cannot copy/publish

Chiappetta, Graydon — World View in the Literature of Paramahansa Yogananda ; cannot copy/publish

Frederick, Madelaine — The Miracle of Truth ; cannot copy/publish

Gilman, Joyce — Jane Austen’s Workout Books: The Metamorphoses of Jane Austen’s Heroines ; cannot copy/publish

Hillyer, Lynn Buchanan — The Nature of Faulknerian Time in The Sound & the Fury ; cannot copy/publish

Quigley, John J. — Money, Religion, and Isolation in Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe and A Journal of the Plague Year ; cannotcopy/publish

Reevie, Robin — The Later Works of James Thurber ; cannot copy/publish

Scotchie, Joe — Thomas Wolfe’s Critique of Business and Success in You Can’t Go Home Again cannot copy/publish

Seymour, Donna — Dreams, Drunkenness and Death in Eugene O’Neill’s The Iceman Cometh ; cannot copy/publish

Wright, Deborah — Coming of Age: Two Adolescent Novels ; cannot copy/publish

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Booker, Suzanne –Theories of Kingship Affecting Shakespeare’s Portrayal of Henry IV and Richard III ; cannot copy/publish

Brown, Annette — Pip’s Changing Sense of Place ; cannot copy/publish

Buckner, Linda — Charles Dickens as an Educational Reformer ; cannot copy/publish

Cantrell, Charles G. — New Journalism – Is It a Working  Journalism ; cannot copy/publish

Cole, Roy — Huck Finn’s Futile Attempt to Escape Civilization ; cannot copy/publish

Crain, Kathy — Existentialism in Franz Kapka’s The Trial ; cannot copy/publish

Deaton, Marianne — The Free Press/Fair Trial Controversy ; cannot copy/publish

Grant, Sharon M. — A Man Apart ; cannot copy/publish

Groce, Sheri — A Man of all Temperance: The Duke’s Role in Measure for Measure ; cannot copy/publish

Rackley, Brenda — Shakespeare’s Use of the Pool in his Dramaturgy ; cannot copy/publish

Reid, Deborah — The Print Media: How it is Protected and Restrained ; cannot copy/publish

Teszler, Vicky — The Re-Instatement of Morality in The Tempest ; cannot copy/publish

Vines, Terri — Justice in Antigone ; cannot copy/publish

Wilson, Sandra — The Ideal Ruler ; cannot copy/publish

Wyatt, Tammy Jarvis — Julia Wolfe: In Flesh and in Print ; cannot copy/publish

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Beck, Robert M. — Hermann Hesse: Synthesis and Satisfaction in the Artist ; cannot copy/publish

Brock, Jennifer — Edmund and the Nature of Evil in Shakespeare’s King Lear ; cannot copy/publish

Burnette, Jane — The Reality of Reason and Truth in Jane Austen’s Emma and Sense and Sensibility ; cannot copy/publish

Lawson, Margaret — The Fall of a King ; cannot copy/publish

Moore, Mona — The Divinity of Kings ; cannot copy/publish

Parker, Scott — The Reasons for the Needs of Government Intervention in Broadcasting and the Development of the Federal Communications Commission ; cannot copy/publish

Stevens, Jack — The Pornography Battle ; cannot copy/publish

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Baber, Lynne — Sister Irene and Laura: Prisoners of Fear; cannot copy/publish

Eichelberger, Priscilla D. — The Defects of Reason: An examination of Flannery O’Connor’s A Temple of the Holy Ghost ; cannotcopy/publish

Gilbert, Matt — A Discussion of Plot, Character and Meaning in Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha ; cannot copy/publish

Hillyer, Patty — Meaning Through Hope and Time ; cannot copy/publish

Kierce, Anne — Huckleberry Finn: The Instinctive Taoist ; cannot copy/publish

McClendon, Lowery — Nietzche’s Dionysianism in the Poetry of Hart Crane ; cannot copy/publish

Morro, Dierdre — On Marianne Morre’s Marriage ; cannot copy/publish

Ratcliffe, June  M. — Hard Times and the Industrial Revolution ; cannot copy/publish

Satterwhite, Robert B. — The New Technology of Newspapers ; cannot copy/publish

Stewart, M. Valerie — Alienation in Waiting for Godot ; cannot copy/publish

Venrick, Reed — Gloucester as Foil in King Lear ; cannot copy/publish

West, Mark — Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow: A Proverb for the Paranoid ; cannot copy/publish

Woodie, Sabrina A. — The Importance of Pearl in Hawthorne’s Psychology of Head, Heart, and Will ; cannot copy/publish

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Belt, Stephanie — Theme and Technique in A Poetics for Bullies ; cannot copy/publish

Jackson, Rebecca J. — Death of a Salesman: An American Tragedy ; cannot copy/publish

Leatherwood, Kristi L. — Reverence for Life in To Stay Alive ; cannot copy/publish

Moore, Crawford Durham — Norris’s McTeague as a Specimen of Pessimistic Naturalism ; cannot copy/publish

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Adams, Anslem Snow –The Psychological Love of Paul Morel ; cannot copy/publish

Furek, John L. — Richard II and the Second Fall of Man ; cannot copy/publish

Jones, Joan W. – Reflective Surfaces in Truman Capote’s Other Voices, Other Rooms ; cannot copy/publish

Monroe, Susan — An Interpretation of Chaucer’s Use of Gentilesse in the Marriage Group and in Troilus and Criseyde ; cannotcopy/publish

Sagar, Mary B. — David the Shepherd-King as a Tragic Hero ; cannot copy/publish

Shields, Boyd — The Ancient Poetess ; cannot copy/publish

Voyles, David — Understanding The Fall of the House of Usher ; cannot copy/publish

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Connor, Charlotte — A Voice to Heed: A Study of the Functions of the Chorus in Agamemnoncannot copy/publish

Dixon, Lisa Ellen — D. H. Lawrence’s View of Life in the Growth of Paul Morel ; cannot copy/publish

Fisher, Anthony Lee — Henry Miller as “Cosmological Writer” ; cannot copy/publish

Fudge, Robert Bailie — The Genesis of Remembrance Rock ; cannot copy/publish

Gleaton, Madge Slade — Shakespeare’s Use of Order in The Tempest ; cannot copy/publish

Harrington, Dolores Anita — Elements of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen” as Represented in Truman Capote’sOther Voices, Other Rooms ; cannot copy/publish

McLain, Marilyn E. — The Blackening of the Character of Richard III ; cannot copy/publish

Newman, Barbara Jo — Exploring the Character of Hamlet ; cannot copy/publish

Roberts. Terry  Lee — The Echoing Sphere: E. M. Forester’s A Passage to India ; cannot copy/publish

Singleton, Carol J. — The Vonnegut Religious Experience as seen in Cat’s CradleThe Sirens of Titan and Slaughterhouse Fivecannot copy/publish

Young, Jane L. — Freaks in Other Voices, Other Rooms ; cannot copy/publish

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Barbour, George F. — Sivvy and “Daddy” ; cannot copy/publish

Belmore, Mildred Vance — Elizabeth Bennett and the Unifying Force in Pride and Prejudice ; cannot copy/publish

Blake, Christopher Michael — Artistic Inspiration in Les Fleurs Du Mal ; cannot copy/publish

Bradley, Frank — Low Comic Characters and Subplots in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Tempest ; cannot copy/publish

Buckner, Sue Ann — Isabella’s Problems of Manners and Morals in Shakespeare’s Measure For Measure ; cannot copy/publish

Daniel, Eleanor Page — Unconventional Techniques in “The Coal Shoveller” ; cannot copy/publish

Engle, Jeannette — What You See is What You See ; cannot copy/publish

Erwin, Charlotte Egerton — A Character Study of Medea ; cannot copy/publish

Fletcher, Victoria Parker — Euripides’ Views of Women and Justice in Medea ; cannot copy/publish

Gardner, Nancy Rachel — The Thematic Unity of J. D. Salinger’s Nine Stories ; cannot copy/publish

Lamb, Janet P. — The Meaning of the Catharsis-Clause in Aristotle’s Poetics: Three Views ; cannot copy/publish

Radford, Eleanor R. — Huck Finn Grows Up: or Does He? ; cannot copy/publish

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Glick, Donna Jean — Isadora Duncan: The Quest for Freedom ; cannot copy/publish

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Cocke, Mary Lou — Author: Flannery O’Connor ; cannot copy/publish

Crawford, Sherron — Albert Camus: A Passion for Life ; cannot copy/publish

Crenshaw, Kristina Snelling — Contraction and Expansion: The Theme of Retreat in the Poetry of Robert Frost ; cannotcopy/publish

Gainey, Pat — Conflicting Attitudes: The Effect of Materialism on the Works of  F.Scott Fitzgerald ; cannot copy/publish

Gilreath, Claudette — The Theology of the Life Force in John Steinbeck’s To A God Unknown ; cannot copy/publish

Graham, Sylvia — From Technique to Theme in Wilbur D. Steele’s How Beautiful with Shoes ; cannot copy/publish

Hillebrand, Ellen — Twain and Faulkner: Innocence and Initiation ; cannot copy/publish

Kruszewski, Mary G. — Slawomir Mrozek: Poland’s Playwright of the Absurd ; cannot copy/publish

Lampley, Mary Ann — Thunderland Revisited ; cannot copy/publish

Lewis, Judy S. — Men and Masters ; cannot copy/publish

McDaniel, Anthony — An Analysis of Mark Twain’s Success Handling Negro Characters ; cannot copy/publish

McLean, Mary — Nathanael West: A Forerunner of the Black Humor Tradition ; cannot copy/publish

Miller, Elena Diane — Shakespeare’s Use of the Supernatural as a Dramatic Technique in Macbeth and The Tempest ; cannotcopy/publish

Outlaw, Mary C. — Rebellion and Art in Search of Revelation: A Study of Henry Miller ; cannot copy/publish

Parker, Elizabeth — Dylan Thomas and the Archetype of the Quest ; cannot copy/publish

Roper, Vicky — Fitzgerald’s Heroines: Versions of Zelda ; cannot copy/publish

Stout, Harriet Rodes — Gerard Manley Hopkins: The Sensuous Priest ; cannot copy/publish

Thornburg, Jill — The Use of the Gothic in the Short Stories of Edgar Allan Poe ; cannot copy/publish

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Adams, James I. — The Question of Anti-Semitism in The Merchant of Venice ; cannot copy/publish

Ayers, Barbara — The “Loom of Time” ; cannot copy/publish

Brown, Carole — The Changing Beliefs and Attitudes of Jack Kerouac ; cannot copy/publish

Cromwell, David Carroll — Richard III as a Machiavellian Villain ; cannot copy/publish

Gaffney, R. L. — Motive and Moral in Huckleberry Finn: A Thesis ; cannot copy/publish

Grier, Deborah — The History of the Lafayette Theatre 1912-1929 ; cannot copy/publish

Horecany, Joseph — A Search for Values: Jack Kerouac’s On the Road and The Dharma Bums ; cannot copy/publish

Kale, Rita — Social and Moral Conflict in Three of Falkner’s Characters ; cannot copy/publish

Kaltreider, Sallie Middleton — “The Magic Goat” and Other Stories ; cannot copy/publish

Kiser, Margaret D. — Meyerhold: Russia’s Theatre Revolutionary ; cannot copy/publish

Page, Brenda — Magic in the Renaissance ; cannot copy/publish

Passmore, Barbara — Theory and Practice in Four Novels of Alain Robbe-Gillet ; cannot copy/publish

Penland, Shirley — Naturalism in Thomas Hardy’s The Return of the Native ; cannot copy/publish

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Clarke, Patsy M.. — Romanticism and Realism in Acting Style as Exemplified by Charlotte Cushman ; cannot copy/publish

Dillingham, Sandra — Lear’s Self-Discovery ; cannot copy/publish

Durham, Susan H. — Poetry – Thesis ; cannot copy/publish

Gordon, Emily — The Concept of Freedom in the Novels of John Fowles ; cannot copy/publish

Hardin, Patricia — The Concept of Nature and Religion Found in Pope’s An Essay on Man and Wordsworth’s The Prelude ;cannot copy/publish

Rice, Linda Gail — The Character of Lady Macbeth ; cannot copy/publish

Roberts, Glenda Leatherwood — An Examination of Religion in Huckleberry Finn ; cannot copy/publish

Rutledge, Mrs. Diane C. — A Study in Opposites: The Women in Henrik Ibsen’s Plays ; cannot copy/publish

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Braly, Rosamond L. — A Comparative Analysis of the Revised and the Original Versions of Bread and Wine ; cannot copy/publish

Comfort, Bill — Dostoevsky’s Dualism: A Study in Three Characters ; cannot copy/publish

Diamond, Jill A. — A Study of the Moral Theme in Henry Fielding’s The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling ; cannot copy/publish

Eskridge, Margaret — Jane Austen’s View of a World of Order ; cannot copy/publish

Hogsed, Linda — The Lack of Spiritual Communication in The Heart is a Lonely Hunter ; cannot copy/publish

James, D.R. — “The Fur Coat” and Other Stories ; cannot copy/publish

Shipman, Carol Lynn — Henrik Ibsen: A tragic view based in the concept of self-actualization ; cannot copy/publish

Smith, Freida Boone — Changes and Growth in Hemingway’s Hero from A Farewell to Arms to The Old Man and the Sea ; cannotcopy/publish

Starnes, Jane Keenan — Love and Friendship in The Merchant of Venice ; cannot copy/publish

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Apostolopoulos, Eula V. — Mark Twain’s Attack on Fundamentalism in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Letters from the Earth ; cannot copy/publish

Baumann, Hurley — The Influence of the Philosophy of Henri Bergson of the Writings of Nikas Kazantzakis as Revealed inZorba the Greek ; cannot copy/publish

Bell, Robert W. — The Brand Name Society: Ferlinghetti’s A Coney Island of the Mind ; cannot copy/publish

Jones, Mary Lou — Structural and Transformational Grammars in North Carolina Public Schools ; cannot copy/publish

Mitchell, Martin — Robert Lowell’s Quarrel with History ; cannot copy/publish

Muse, Wilma Littlechild — The Clergyman and Jane Austen ; cannot copy/publish

Richards, Laurel Kent — The Use of the International Experience in James’ Concept of the Expanding Consciousness ; cannot copy/publish

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Clevinger, Mary B. — Fitzgerald’s Theory of Wealth as Expressed in The Great Gatsby ; cannot copy/publish

Hooker, Carolyn Ball — F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald: An examination of antagonism in Tender is the Night and Save Me The Waltz ; cannot copy/publish

Sluder, Sandra Lynne — The Effect of Women in the Life of  Joe Christmas ; cannot copy/publish

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Miller, Louis K. — Hawthorne and the Evil Nature of Man ; cannot copy/publish

Williams, Elizabeth Lynch — Asheville and Tom Wolfe: A Study in Chancing Attitudes ; cannot copy/publish

Return to Table of Contents »


Carson, Carole Ann — Russian Character-Types Portrayed in Dostevsky’s Karamozov Family ; cannot copy/publish

Ledbetter, Sandra L. — An Examination of the Hemingway Code Hero ; cannot copy/publish

Link, Ann S. — The Problem of Fate in The Oresteia ; cannot copy/publish

Morgan, Charlene — Willa Cather’s Realism: An Analysis of Character in O Pioneers!cannot copy/publish

Pittman, Evelyn — The Philosophy of Utilitarianism Expressed in Charles Dickens’ Hard Times ; cannot copy/publish

Stanley, Helen S. — The Dramatic and Autobiographical Sources of Billy Budd ; cannot copy/publish

Stevenson, Nancy A. — The Relationship of the Body and Soul in Certain of Donne’s Poems and Prose Works ; cannot copy/publish

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Corcoran, E. E., III — Three Inhabitants of The Waste Land ; cannot copy/publish

Dillingham, Nancy — The Symbolic Significance of The Great Gatsby ; cannot copy/publish

Rickman, Rosalind — Characterization Through Symbolism and Allegory of the Major Figures in The Scarlet Letter ; cannot copy/publish

Young, Phyllis A. — William Faulkner: The Conflict Between Nature and Society ; cannot copy/publish