Senior Papers: Economics

A selective of list of student research papers

All students in the Economics Department are required to write are required to write a senior paper or to produce a senior project to demonstrate competency as an economics major. Ramsey Library University Archives holds bound volumes of senior papers from 2009 through 2012. Please contact Special Collections / University Archives to view or request a copy of these papers.

Table of Contents

Fall 2012
Spring 2012
Fall 2011
Spring 2011
Fall 2010
Spring 2010
Fall 2009

Fall 2012

de Oliveira, Fernando Henrique — A Bright Idea to Conserve Cash and Energy at the Y: A Case Study of Efficiency can copy/publish

Garrett, Natalie Kay — Green for Green: Willingness to Pay for Renewable Energy in Buncombe County ; can copy/publish

Giarrocco, Kelly — Farmers and The Social Context of Trade at Tailgate Markets ; can copy/publish

Spring 2012

Anastasio, Joel — Consumption of Organic Food at UNCA: The Role Knowledge and Income Play ; can copy/publish

Donahue, Ryan — Something’s Brewing: A Case Study of Asheville’s Craft Beer Market ; can copy/publish

Mahaley, Katy Elizabeth — The Effects of Differential Pricing on Asheville Humane Society Dog Adoptions ; can copy/publish

Simpson, Katie Lauren — To Russia with Love: An Economic Analysis of the Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment into Russian Oblasts ; can copy/publish

 Fall 2011

Barger Jr., Mark Andrew –The NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement: An Analysis of the Effect of Structural Changes on Competitive Balance ; can copy/publish

Bowers-Racine, Raj — Asheville, North Carolina – The Case of the East Riverside Area: A Quantitative Analysis of the Acquisition of Property ; can copy/publish

Fields, Matthew Holcomb — Economic Value of the Southern Appalachian Brook Trout ; can copy/publish

Gilbert, Benjamin — Wealth and Income Inequality with a Focus on Race: Evidence from the US Survey of Consumer Finances ;can copy/publish

Houck, Meredith Leigh — In Search of Gansu’s Binding Constraint: A Regional Growth Diagnostic in Northwest China ; can copy/publish

Malis, Prasoer — The Impact of Government’s Budget Deficit on Corporate Bond Rate: An Empirical Study of Crowding Out Effect Causes by Spending Behavior of the United States Government ; can copy/publish

Ouellette, Eleanor Amanda — The Effects of Emigration and Remittances on Economic Growth: An Empirical Analysis of Latin American Source Countries ; can copy/publish

Phillips, James — The National Sales Tax: The Economics Effects of a Representative Agent Analysis ; can copy/publish

Walker, Kassia Ana — The Resource Curse: The Effects of Resource Abundance on Developing Countries ; can copy/publish

Wertheim, Andrew Jay — Influencing Decisions Through Incentives: A Modification of the Ultimatum Game ; can copy/publish

Spring 2011

Bava, Stephen James –The Cramer Effect; can copy/publish

Dent, Justin Hessing — An Investigation of the Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment ; can copy/publish

Griffin, Jonathan Martin –The Organizational Economics of Roman Slavery: A Transaction Cost Analysis; can copy/publish

Jamaica, Sebastian Hernandez — Salary Discrimination in MLB: An Empirical Examination of Salaries of Players of Diverse Races ; can copy/publish

King, Savannah Rachel — The Illicit Market for ADHD Medication at a University ; can copy/publish

Merrick-Nguyen, Bethyn Vinh — O Tannenbaum: A Case Study of the Christmas Tree Market in Western North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Parris III, Gary Neal — The Dictator Game: Does Fairness Count Among UNC Asheville Students? ; can copy/publish

Strazanac, Alyssa Ross — Bolsa Familia: Location Adjusted Benefits and Their Potential Impact ; can copy/publish

Wheeler, Brittney Faith — Transmission of Monetary Policy to Equity Markets ; can copy/publish

Fall 2010

Haney, Richard Brandon — Reconciliation House: A Nonprofit Organization Case Study ; can copy/publish

Herron, Callie Lamar — How Local Can We Go? The Feasibility for UNCA’s Future Wellness Cafe/ to Incorporate Local Produce ;can copy/publish

Strong, Derek Ryan — An Economic History of Black Business in Asheville, North Carolina, 1921-1951 ; can copy/publish

Swafford, Crystal Michelle — Accounting For Risk:  Fundamental Beta Prediction Model ; can copy/publish

Spring 2010

Allison, Dustin Jay — We Lift Our Wallets to the Mountains: The Economic Impact of the University of North Carolina at Asheville.; can copy/publish

Burgin, Jordan Severs — Pricing Bubbles in Asset Markets: An Experimental Study of Asset Valuation Using UNCA Students;can copy/publish

Carlson, Noah Paul — Financial Feasibility of Solar Water Heating; can copy/publish

Campbell, Cheri Donielle — Explaining Prices of Champagne on the U.S. Market: A Hedonic Approach ; can copy/publish

Chipley, Price Sealy — Exploring the Feasibility of a Local Carbon Offset Market in Western North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Dolan, Jr., Peter John — NBA Ticket Prices: An Empirical Evaluation of Demand and Capacity ; can copy/publish

Luney, Jessie Marie — The Benefit Reduction Rate For Social Welfare Programs: The Case of Buncombe County, North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Panucci, Alanna — Additional Outcomes for an Additional Price: The Costs and Benefits of Purchasing Local Food for the Wellness Cafe ; can copy/publish

Roberts, Kevin Brady — Addressing the Information Asymmetries of Lending to Low-Wealth Entrepreneurs: The Case of Mountain Bizworks and Self-Help Credit Union ; can copy/publish

Smith, Sean W. L. — Determining NBA Ticket Prices: An Empirical Evaluation of the Variables Affecting NBA Ticket Prices ; can copy/publish

Fall 2009

Ball, Jonathan Aaron — Strikeouts, Stolen Bases, and Home Runs: What Really Matters in Major League Baseball ; can copy/publish

Childers, Keisha — Playing Hooky: The Effect of Attendance on Student Performance in Introductory Macroeconomics Courses; can copy/publish

McGinnis, Whitney — Asheville, North Carolina — The Case of the East Riverside Area:  A Quantitative Analysis of on the Disposal of Property; can copy/publish

Penkov, Yana N. — Consumer Online Behavior and the Perception of Risk ; can copy/publish

Reed, Jason Keith — Estimating the Spillover Property Tax Impacts of Protected Lands in Buncombe County ; can copy/publish

Woodring, Ashley Miranda — Paying for the Bulldog: The Willingness of Students to Pay for UNCA Athletics ; can copy/publish