Senior Papers: Creative Writing

A selective of list of student research papers

All students in the Literature Department are required to write a senior paper or to produce a senior creative writing project.Students who choose to take a Creative Writing major are required to involve themselves in a year-long, full-length Senior Creative Writing Project. Under the direction of a creative writing faculty member the student may choose to work in the area of fiction, poetry, or drama. Ramsey Library Special Collections holds bound volumes of senior papers from 1991 and some papers are also available for online viewing, but web-publication and/or copying of bound papers is dependent on the author’s permission. Papers were not received for all years.

Papers from 2016 on are available via NC Docks

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Augspurger, Lillian — Prove It On Me ; can copy/publish

Avery, Keilah — Spirit Shout ; can copy/publish

Danzis, Kinsey — Accidental Necromancer ; can copy/publish

Maffei, Matthew — Versions of My Mother: Essays ; can copy/publish

Novicki, Samuel — Ruin ; can copy/publish


Banner, Emily — The Hourglass Hotel ; can copy/publish

Beck, Zachary — Soil Cries Out ; can copy/publish

Bond, Jonathan — Aurora Slicer ; can copy/publish

Brooks, Markia — Tiny Conclusions ; can copy/publish

Churchwell, McKinely — The Care & Keeping of Demons ; can copy/publish

Gibson, Sarah — Luce ; can copy/publish

Gray, Ryan — Twilight in York ; cannot copy/publish

Hollander, Emily — In England ; can copy/publish

Horner, Jeff — Above It All ; can copy/publish

McDonald, Kathryn — The Anti-Social Network ; can copy/publish

Overly, Wade — Some Reason in Madness ; can copy/publish

Schoenthaler, Madeleine — Ghostly Oaks ; can copy/publish

Sibley, Melissa — Of Mothers and Monsters ; can copy/publish

Sommers, Amily — Magic and Mermaids: Fairy Tales Revisited ; can copy/publish

Talbert, Jared — Hera: A Record of the End of Masculinity ; can copy/publish

Wade, Savannah — Postlapsarian ; can copy/publish

Wyche, Andrew T. — It’s Funny ; can copy/publish


Benbow, Andrew — Miniatures ; can copy/publish

Carson, Zack — Bowersville ; can copy/publish

Clark, Trevor — New Pastoral ; can copy/publish

Donovan, Bill — What We Do Is Secret ; can copy/publish

Drake, Reid — Waiting To Load ; can copy/publish

Holmes, Mel — A Beautiful Haunting: Poems Between Light and Dream ; can copy/publish

Holmes, Patricia — War, And Various Sundries ; can copy/publish

Kendrick, Ted — Journals From The River’s Edge ; can copy/publish

Killam, Abigail — Idiot’s Guide To Dragon Slaying And Child Care ; can copy/publish

Murphy, Dale Marie — Love Songs Of My Twenties ; can copy/publish

Owens, Clint — For Robert Creeley ; can copy/publish

Spaugh, Lavadia — Journey To The Interior: On Livings And Working In Asheville ; can copy/publish

Spong, Kelly — Life Of Sensations ; can copy/publish

Walton, Randal — Day Old Hate ; can copy/publish

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Dangelico, Amy — Stronger than the Rockhorse ; can copy/publish

Ensley, Chelsea Nicole — Letters From Mount Mitchell ; can copy/publish

Hegwood, Zac — Girl Gamer Plays Games ; can copy/publish

Keele, Layla — These are the Words I Wanted to Say ; can copy/publish

Lewis, Hannah — Goddamn Those Scientists ; can copy/publish

McClintock, Corey Evans — New Appalachia ; can copy/publish

Scheewe, Karen — Dust ; can copy/publish

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Ackley, Michael — Nothing but an Old World ; can copy/publish

Barbeau, Michelle Soenen — In a Place Where We Only Say Goodbye ; cannot copy/publish

Beaver,  Kim — Vernacular ; can copy/publish

Bell, Akeem — The Smell of Smoke ; can copy/publish

Brock, Anastasia — The Bulkiness of Words ; can copy/publish

Burk, Christopher N. — Atonal Canon: nocturne – intermezzo – cadence ; can copy/publish

Danner, Kendra — A Collection of Fantasy and Science Fiction Short Stories ; can copy/publish

Epstein, Laura — At Least I’ve Got My Mom ; can copy/publish

Erwin, Caitlin — Catty, Let’s Going ; can copy/publish

Gillan, Flinn — The Thorny Thicket ; can copy/publish

Greene, Veronica — The Warmth of Many Ovens: A Collection of Free Form Poetry ; can copy/publish

Harrison, Hannah Virginia — Don’t Let Me Down ; can copy/publish

Jessup, A. J. — Falling ; cannot copy/publish

Kelly, Adam — The Case: a detective story ; can copy/publish

Lathrop, Lance — Introduction to an Interior ; can copy/publish

McCammon, Andrew — The Capitalist Manifesto ; can copy/publish

McDaniel, Joshua Oliver — Temporal Shock ; can copy/publish

Monley, Haley — On The Way to Montana ; can copy/publish

Nickerson, Jenna A. — Peaches and Penumbras ; can copy/publish

Price, Heather A. — Days Ago and Miles Away: Reconstructed Fairy Tales ; can copy/publish

Reis, Daniel — When the World Smacks you Down…Go to F****Sleep ; can copy/publish

Souther, Justin — A Postcard of the Space Needle ; can copy/publish

Williamson, Alexander — The Sad Gifts ; can copy/publish

Wolfe, Ari — Humanity for You ; can copy/publish

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Darty, Anna — Bookends ; cannot copy/publish

Escalante, Miranda — Indigo Journeyman ; can copy/publish

Gagnon, Elizabeth — We Cultivate the Fog ; can copy/publish

Knowles, Joanna — Leading Girls ; can copy/publish

Mickey, Jonathan — a forty-eight year old burglar from San Diego ; can copy/publish

Oberhammer, Tierney — What They Do Versus Who They Are ; cannot copy/publish

Poole, Rachel — Bananas in the Banyan Tree ; can copy/publish

Ward, Cayce — Against His Bones ; can copy/publish

Wilson, Heather — Through the eyes of an Amazon ; can copy/publish

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Andrews, Allison — Just You and Me, Baby ; can copy/publish

Claire, Eloiza — Desabafo ; can copy/publish

Cox, Benjamin — Dreams in Real Time ; can copy/publish

Crandall, Roland Kenneth — Family Matters ; cannot copy/publish

Creagh, Anna Brooks — Streets with No Names ; can copy/publish

Dicks, Aaron Wayne — Unto the Hills: Collected Stories from Burden, North Carolina ; cannot copy/publish

Gassier, Gregory Roberts — Fragments of Sappho ; can copy/publish

Goodrich, Kate — Language Lessons ; can copy/publish

Hernandez, Vicente J. — Dubious Voices ; can copy/publish

Hilbert, Jennifer — Just People ; can copy/publish

Hunnicutt, Leigh-Anne — Gently Bent ; can copy/publish

Johnson, Nyssa Mehana — Recycled Pieces ; cannot copy/publish

Marsom, Rachel — The Canvas of Skin ; can copy/publish

McElwee, Caitlin — A Tight Line of Confusion ; can copy/publish

McKinney, Allison  — Saint Augustine Transfer ; can copy/publish

Merkle, Allison — The Death of the Honeymoon Fly And Other Poems ; can copy/publish

Mundy, Lyndsay — It’s Funny What I Find Funny ; can copy/publish

Parker, Kamala K. — Living the Craft ; can copy/publish

Reckenwald, Nicholas — The Grotesque Roses ; can copy/publish

Rice, Jeremy Rice — Turning Turtle and Silent Blue ; can copy/publish

Schreier, Rachel — Lessons in Sidewalk Chalk ; can copy/publish

Sneeden, Brian — The Line ; cannot copy/publish

Stephens, John — Two Hands Working ; cannot copy/publish

Stokes, Sally — Transit ; can copy/publish

Thomas, Adam — Lessons in Mediocrity ; can copy/publish

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Allen, Daniel Mabry — Any Other Day ; can copy/publish

Atkins, Cyrus — 25 Lives ; can copy/publish

Berlin, Cara F. — Leah and Mercedes ; can copy/publish

Bode, Ashley A. — Travelwise ; can copy/publish

Brown, Corrie Renee — What Eyes Remember and Womb of God ; can copy/publish

Campbell, Catherine J. — The Coyote Fields – A novel in progress ; can copy/publish

Carlson, Arielle — Instructions on How to Build a Tiny Shrine ; can copy/publish

Cox, Megan Taylor — The Wilderness of Betrayal ; can copy/publish

Del Toro, Antonio — Microfictions ; can copy/publish

Elliott, Abigail L. — Pulling Out My Jewish Roots can copy/ cannot publish

Farrell, Matthew — Rock Island Line ; can copy/publish

Gardner, Levi E — The Other Side of Things ; can copy/publish

Gosnell, Russ — Finding the Will ; can copy/publish

Haddon, Charles Drew — Beyond the Door ; can copy/publish

Harkins, Caroline — Flying Fish ; can copy/publish

Logwood, Stephanie — From the Clay ; can copy/publish

Margolese-Malin, Eli — Immortal Shard – A novel in progress ; can copy/publish

Mozley, John — Sinking the Titanic ; cannot copy/publish

Murray, Tamiko — Chains in the Attic ; can copy/publish [Author’s permission required before copying or quoting]

Shamblin, Annabelle — Epitaph: Senior Thesis in Creative Writingcannot copy/publish [Author restricts the use of this paper to the Special Collections website and reading room only. Citing is prohibited without written permission from the author]

Towle, Derek Michael — Donna ; can copy/publish

Usher, Katrina — Trouble at Home ; can copy/publish

Van Meter, Ashlee Nicole — Scatter the Ashes ; can copy/publish

Walsh, Devin — Hair and Fedora ; can copy/publish

Warren, Sara A. — The Hills of Home ; can copy/publish

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Avina, Marie Noelle — Appetites and Dreams: Where Skin Turns to Scales ; can copy/publish

Barrows, Emily Elizabeth — The Smallest Affliction ; can copy/publish

Bennett, Jack — Ode to Joy ; can copy/publish

Brown, Anne Kirkpatrick — From the Inside Out ; can copy/publish

Colahan, Casy — Dinner Conversation (Our Unruly Mouths) ; can copy/publish

Cox, Katherine — Lovely Burdens ; can copy/publish

Darling, Michael — The Magellan Site ; can copy/publish

Daugherty, Allison — Formative Years ; can copy/publish

Davies, Angela M. — Talking Tummies ; can copy/publish

Duncan, Alexandra Scott — Flight ; can copy/publish

Grace, Cameron — Moments Realized in Abstraction ; can copy/publish

Gray, Chapin Rose — Calentures and Other Poems ; can copy/publish

Hecht, Deirde — Fragments of Future Novels ; can copy/publish [author stipulates that material “is not to be used in such a way that may limit or threaten the author’s own future use of the materual”]

Hennessee, Stacey Ryan – Life Rattle ; can copy/publish

Herog, Katie Ronan — Mick and I: Stories from Across the Political Divide ; can copy/publish

Jagdeo, Anushka — The Consequences of Shame ; can copy/publish

Jagdeo, Genessa — Snow ; can copy/publish

Lucman, Truly Irawaty — Hacked: Toxic and Withering ; can copy/publish

Marsh, Shad Daniel — A Season in the Burnet-Over District ; can copy/publish

Moser, Matt — Zippered Pockets ; can copy/publish

Pope, Jennifer — Birth of a Gaytion ; can copy/publish

Schindhelm, Stephanie — The Weeping Tree ; can copy/publish

Shanley, Caitlin — Who Writes Short Shorts? — ; can copy/publish

Strickland, Rachel Lindsay — The Grind: Memoirs From a Strip Club ; can copy/publish

Tray, A. W. — The Foreign Shore ; can copy/publish

Telegen, Joseph E. — The Real Corrine ; can copy/publish

Walker Matthew — For Those Left Behind ; can copy/publish

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Bolado, Paula Hutchens –Inside the Shell of Sanibel ; cannot copy/publish

Brommer, Ameria — Superstitions About Human Hair ; cannot copy/publish

Bruner, Amy — Unmentionables ; cannot copy/publish

Gibson, Caryn E. — No More Letters ; cannot copy/publish

Gildersleeve, Beau Nickolas — The Nicholas Chapters ; cannot copy/publish

Guertin, Kathryn E. — Not-Quite-Fiction Non-Essays: A Mixed Genere Collection of Creative Nonfiction ; cannot copy/publish

Guthrie, Rebecca — Deviled Eggs for the Marlboro Man ; cannot copy/publish

Hale, Marguerite — A Familiar Shade of Night ; cannot copy/publish

Hecht, Deidre — Mind Wanderings and Dark Dreams ; cannot copy/publish

Lambert, Matthew — The Street Performer ; cannot copy/publish

Latter, Philip Joseph — The Precipice ; cannot copy/publish

MacWilliams, Emily — Longing is My Drug of Choice ; cannot copy/publish

Prudowsky, Mark — Breaking the Ice and Other Work Poems Mostly ; cannot copy/publish

Rhyne, Carolyn Elizabeth — Foxglove Way ; cannot copy/publish

Rinehart, Audrey Hope — An Excerpt From: The World Outside ; cannot copy/publish

Rohrbough, Jamie — The Brandywine Disease ; cannot copy/publish

Trees, Maghan E. — The Dream Snatcher’s Vice ; cannot copy/publish

Turner, Shawna — In the Kitchen With Mama ; cannot copy/publish

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Chang, Leah Grace –Translating Silence ; cannot copy/publish

Lawless, Stacey Austin — Waking the Witch ; cannot copy/publish

Lee, Margaret — The Venus Flytrap ; cannot copy/publish

Sandbank, Matt — Nude Badminton and Other Poems ; cannot copy/publish

Siegwald, Kalin — Pieces of Picasso ; cannot copy/publish

Thomasson, Andrew — All That God Gave Us To Hold ; cannot copy/publish

Thompson, Shelby Lynn — The Big Iron and Other Asheville Oddities ; cannot copy/publish

Toll, Wallace Edwin — Heaven is the Silence After a Period ; cannot copy/publish

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Alexander, Druann Holley — Just Load the Wagon ; cannot copy/publish

Almond, Sarah — The Shape of What Was Inside ; cannot copy/publish

Ansaldo, Christopher — Testament ; cannot copy/publish

Aiken, Connie Jones — The Buncombe Turnpike: A Series of Poems ; cannot copy/publish

Berkey, Jonah Isaac — Laughter in the Desert ; cannot copy/publish

Caresito, William — Summer Sin Forgiveness Morning ; cannot copy/publish

Cook, Rachel — For Now I Try that Awful Road ; cannot copy/publish

Corriher, Charles — Everything Balances Itself Out ; cannot copy/publish

de Mattos, Molly — Intentions ; cannot copy/publish

Fields, Alison Jesse — Burning Bridget ; cannot copy/publish

Hunter, Ethan B. — Double Spaced Anachronistic Propaganda in Times New Roman ; cannot copy/publish

Jackson, John Purroy — Fall and Morning ; cannot copy/publish

Jones, Heather L. — Where There Is Darkness ; cannot copy/publish

Lindsey, Melody — Variations on a Theme ; cannot copy/publish

McCallus, Carrie — The Voices of Legacy ; cannot copy/publish

McCausland, J.M. — The Yellow Chair ; cannot copy/publish

Slempa, Christopher Neal — The Lovely Depraved ; cannot copy/publish

Volborth, Miranda — The Other Side of Passports ; cannot copy/publish

Weeks, April Mananita — A Branch of Rowan ; cannot copy/publish

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Barrett, Ann — Prime Meridian ; cannot copy/publish

Brestel, Erica Elise — This is Not a Sad Story ; cannot copy/publish

Cain, Clare Frances — Mother Bones Walking ; cannot copy/publish

Carter, Jennifer Frances — Spanish Mackerel ; cannot copy/publish

Diamond, Carol — Forks of Ivy ; cannot copy/publish

Eurey, Judy H. — Exit 117 ; cannot copy/publish

Fauble, Monica Elizabeth — Queer Body Narratives ; cannot copy/publish

Jones, Emma Laurel — Tending Ground ; cannot copy/publish

Mahaffey, David E. — Blowing Smoke ; cannot copy/publish

Phillips, Holly K. — The Savannah Stories ; cannot copy/publish

Tanseer, Chris — What We Take With Us ; cannot copy/publish

Turner, Ann — Seasoning ; cannot copy/publish

Weiss, Rhea DeRose — We Are All In Continuous Motion ; cannot copy/publish

Willows, Steven — The Fallen ; cannot copy/publish

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Clifton, W. Scott — Stories of Dejection ; cannot copy/publish

McMillan, Alexis Claire — Common Thread ; cannot copy/publish

Monaco, Karen — A Sweeter Scent ; cannot copy/publish

Powell, Ethel Ann — No Lament ; cannot copy/publish

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Cash, Wiley — I Just Wanted to Tell You: A Collection of Stories ; cannot copy/publish

Hall, Jason Parker — Pulse and Return ; cannot copy/publish

Stewart, Heather — Small Hands to Hold ; cannot copy/publish

Wild, Christie Lee Wright — Snow Men ; cannot copy/publish

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Broadwater, James — Abraham Two Hill ; cannot copy/publish

Deckard, Angelia C — Black Bird Swing ; cannot copy/publish

Ellenburg, D.L. — Coming to Her Senses ; cannot copy/publish

Farrell, Amanda — Mystery Tramp ; cannot copy/publish

Gupton, Michael C. — On the Mouth ; cannot copy/publish

Lawrence, Arthur — The Land of the New Rising Sun ; cannot copy/publish

Lomac, Philip — Notes From Abroad ; cannot copy/publish

McClellan, Rita — Half Light ; cannot copy/publish

McGrady, Brian — I Always Watch Him ; cannot copy/publish

Morrison, Tim — 3 ; cannot copy/publish

Silver, Jane Rene — Live at the Magic Bus and Other Stories ; cannot copy/publish

Sternberg, Nathaniel — Weaving Knots in Reality ; cannot copy/publish

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Harrell, Brad — A Night on Earth ; cannot copy/publish

Carpenter, Jerome — The Bank Job ; can copy/publish

Engel, Mary Ann K. — On This Rock ; cannot copy/publish

Noble, Linda — In the Silence Since ; cannot copy/publish

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Dodson, Sarah — The French Speaking Sea Child ; cannot copy/publish

Joyce, Jennifer — Stone Walls ; cannot copy/publish

Lavate, Kayet — The Outer Sanctum ; cannot copy/publish

Ryan, Erin — Various Things ; cannot copy/publish

Santora, Sara — The Sahara Rose ; cannot copy/publish

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Brem, E. Robinson — My Stone Mona ; cannot copy/publish

Burroughs, Amy  — Crow Songs ; cannot copy/publish

Ellis, Michelle — Resurrecting Thomas ; cannot copy/publish

Hensley,Timothy — Flipper’s Dead ; cannot copy/publish

Hensley, Timothy — The Passing ; cannot copy/publish

Kimbrell, Julie H — East of the Sun, West of the Moon ; cannot copy/publish

Nowlin, Ryan — The Antelope Hide Drum ; cannot copy/publish

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King, Julie Anne — Crushing Linoleum ; cannot copy/publish

Reagan, Stephanie — Strange Business ; cannot copy/publish

Reynolds, Patricia Gavin — Five Chapters in Search of a Novel ; cannot copy/publish

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Cody, Michael A. — Intro ; cannot copy/publish

Earley, Danielle Cecilia — The Quest ; cannot copy/publish

Fugate, Ethan — The Fear of Italics ; cannot copy/publish

Ward, Linda — A Week in Late April ; cannot copy/publish

Zanzig, Heather — Metamorphosis ; cannot copy/publish

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Stamey, Donna — Twilight Reality ; cannot copy/publish

Thorne, Wendell — Untitled ; can copy/publish

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Purdee, Judith F. — The Party Line & Other Stories ; cannot copy/publish

LeMasters, Larry — Collected Short Stories ; cannot copy/publish

Shamblin, Elizabeth — Baobab ; cannot copy/publish

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