Records Management

University Archives supports the ongoing operation of campus offices and departments in managing their records by assisting departments with records retention and disposition as outlined in the UNC System General Records and Disposition Schedule. University Archives provides storage for, and access to, university records with a permanent historical value. Please contact Univerisy Archives information or assistance.

Records and Disposition Schedules

UNC System General Schedule ( pdf)

Supporting Documents for Electronic Records

Best Practices for File-naming ( pdf)

File Format Guidelines for Management and Long-Term Retention of Electronic Records ( pdf)


Role of the University Archivist/Records Officer:

UNC System Institutions have records officers who help oversee records management for the institution. The University Archivist serves as the Records Officer at UNC Ashevillle. Responsibilities include:

1) Coordinating with the Government Records Section all requests for records assistance, training, and other offered consultative services

2) Coordinating interactions between campus business units and the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources to establish appropriate retention and disposition instructions for any records not included on the University General Records Retention and Disposition Schedule

3) Providing guidance on the appropriate storage of public records, so they are kept in secure but accessible places

4) In cooperation with the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, establishing and maintaining a program for the selection and preservation of university records considered essential to the operation of government and to the protection of the rights and interests of citizens

5) Participating in the design and implementation of campus electronic records initiatives, to ensure consideration of records management issues

Source: State Archives of North Carolina, University Schedules (roles of University Records Officers)