NC DOCKS- Institutional Repository


NC DOCKS is a cooperative institutional repository (IR) that was created to make the scholarly output of the University of North Carolina System more available to the world. All materials in NC DOCKS are indexed by Google and are freely available to scholars and researchers world-wide.

As UNC Asheville’s Institutional Repository, NC DOCKS hosts Senior Theses, Masters of Liberal Arts and Sciences (MLAS) Theses, Faculty Research, Faculty Sponsored Undergraduate Research, and Grant Data. UNC Asheville’s NC DOCKS is administered by Special Collections at Ramsey Library.

Benefits from Archiving Works in the UNC Asheville IR (NC DOCKS)

* Each work is permanently archived with a stable server and URL.
* Each work is easy to find using Internet search engines like Google and Google Scholar
* Because works in NC DOCKS are easy to find in search engines, articles posted in IRs like NC DOCKS tend to be read more and cited more.
* Statistics on how often each work has been viewed are easy to obtain.
* NC DOCKS is a great way of validating and showcasing the value of the UNC Asheville’s faculty and student research to the world.

General Submission Requirements

* Each work must be the original intellectual property of a UNC Asheville student or faculty member.

* Works must be complete and in final form.

* Works must be submitted electronically in MS Word or PDF format. Additional formats for images, sound files, and other formats can also be submitted. Check with Special Collections for more information.

* Works must include an abstract of no more than 200 words.

* Works must be made available for global access at no cost via the Web.

* The author/creator of each work must submit a release form that grants to UNC Asheville Archives and Special Collections the non-exclusive right to preserve and distribute the work online in perpetuity.

* Copyright is owned and retained by the creator of the work.

* In the event that a submitted work contains copyrighted material other than the original work of the creator (images, music clips, video clips, etc) copyright clearance must be obtained prior to submission in NC DOCKS, or works must clearly fall within fair use guidelines as determined by Special Collections staff and the University Librarian.

* Submissions should be sent to Special Collections in Ramsey Library by contacting Gene Hyde, Head of Special Collections & University Archivist ( or Ashley Whittle, Special Collections & Archives Assistant ( Both can be reached at 251-6645.

Submission Guidelines for

Senior Theses, MLAS Theses, and Faculty Sponsored Undergraduate Research

* Theses must have passed all departmental requirements and be submitted by the student’s academic department.

* Undergraduate research papers other than theses must submitted by a faculty sponsor.

* Submissisions must include an abstract of no more than 200 words.

* Submissions must include a completed release agreement signed by the student.

Submission Guidelines for Faculty Research

Faculty can submit previously published research articles for republication in NC DOCKS. Republication in NC DOCKS will include a citation of the original journal publication.

Faculty benefits to republishing your research in NC DOCKS :

* Republishing your research in NC DOCKS increases visibility and access to your research, resulting in increased citations and impact. Your full-text articles are easily accessible through search engines like Google.

* Republishing in NC DOCKS provides access to your articles to researchers who cannot afford a subscription to the journal where it was originally published, or who do not have access to a research library or interlibrary loan. It’s much easier to access your research papers via NC DOCKS.

* NC DOCKS provides a permanent URL for your work and a convenient, easy-to-access place to store and share your scholarship. Each NC DOCKS article includes a full citation to the original source, so it’s clear where your article was originally published. You can add a link to your article to your departmental webpage or your online CV, or send the link to scholars anywhere.

Submitting an item for republication in NC DOCKS:

UNC Asheville faculty are invited to submit previously published materials for republication in NC DOCKS. A few things to keep in mind:

* Each submission must be a scholarly or educational work in its final form.

* Your work can be a published journal article, conference paper, workshop presentation, technical report, or other kind of scholarship or educational work you wish to make more accessible.

* It must be your intellectual property.

* You must must grant to Ramsey Library Special Collections the non-exclusive right to preserve the work and make it available at no cost via the Web.

When you’re ready to submit an article:

* Fill out a NC DOCKS Faculty Republication permission form and submit it to Special Collections (

* Special Collections will research each journal’s republication policies. We will get back to you and let you know the journal’s republication policies and keep you up to date on the process.

* Some journals allow republication of the article as a PDF of the article exactly as it appeared in the journal. In this case, we will attach a cover sheet with a citation and publish it as is.

* Other journals, however, do not allow the PDF to be republished (it has the journal’s layout and branding which might be copyrighted), but they will allow you to publish the final content of your paper (the final draft accepted for publication after the peer review process and editorial adjustments have been made). If this is the case we will need you to submit the final copy of your paper as a Word document.

* Questions? Call Special Collections (251-6645).