Reproduction Fees

Because reproducing materials incurs costs to the institution, professional guidelines suggest that reasonable fees can be charged for such services. (See the ALA-SAA Joint Statement of Access: Guidelines for Access to Original Research Materials). For this reason we charge modest fees for various reproduction processes, and fees are tiered contingent on whether reproduction is for research and study or for non-educational and  commercial purposes. Fees are generally waived for UNC Asheville students, faculty, and staff.  Special Collections and University Archives reserves the right to accept or refuse requests to reproduce materials based copyright issues, the condition of the item requested, stipulations of the donor agreement, or other conditions.

Fees include the cost of labor in the scanning process, handling the original, preservation measures (if needed), and delivering the image to the user. “Digital Image” can mean a scanned photograph, negative, slide, graphic image, fragile document, or other item as defined on a case by case basis by Special Collections staff. We can deliver materials via a shared Google Drive folder, via US Mail for physical materials such as CDs and DVDs, or emailed directly to the user for smaller items.

All reproduction services require signing and returning a Conditions of Use Agreement form prior to the delivery of materials. For services requiring payment, users will be invoiced for all charges and generally no materials will be supplied until payment has been received. All checks should be made payable to the University of North Carolina Asheville.



High Resolution Digital Image (TIFF file)

Burn to CD or DVD (includes reproduction and CD/DVD)

Preservation Charge (to scan an item not already scanned)

Publication Fee (for commercial and/or for-profit use)




$10.00 per item

$10.00 per CD or DVD

$5.00 per item

$25.00 per publication, regardless of number of images used