Annotated Video Tour: Bookshelf 1 from the Bill and Alice Hart Collection

In this video Bill Hart describes highlights from the first bookcase of materials related to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GSMNP). Some of the materials discussed include a collection of Yearbooks for the Smoky Mountains Hiking Club dating from 1927, hiking guides to the GSMNP,  photographer George Masa’s contributions to the 1933 Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and other books. Bill also discusses his personal history hiking all the trails in the GSMNP which he documented in his 2009 book, 3000 Miles in the Great Smokies.

This video was filmed in the Hart’s personal library prior to donating the collection to UNC Asheville’s Special Collections. The books in the Bill and Alice Hart Collection are shelved in the same order as in the Hart’s marvelous personal library.