Annotated Video Tour: Bookshelf 12 from the Bill and Alice Hart Collection

In this video Bill Hart describes highlights from the twelfth bookshelf in his personal library, where he discusses books on architecture, photography, the Blue Ridge Parkway, forestry, the Cradle of Forestry, and county soil maps (that sometimes included notes on early trails).

Hart discusses Asheville’s Six Associates archetectural firm, Asheville architect Anthony Lord, the life of photographer Ignatius Brock, photographers such as Tim Barnwell and Rob Amberg, more details about the life of photographer George Masa,  the rare volume 1927: The Good-Natured Chronicle of a Journey by Anthony Lord and Eizabeth Kostova (published by The Captain’s Bookshelf of Asheville), selected papers of Anthony Lord, the Gold Rush and gold mining in North Carolina, gem mining, and minerals.

This video was filmed in the Hart’s personal library prior to donating the collection to UNC Asheville’s Special Collections. The books in the Bill and Alice Hart Collection are shelved in the same order as in the Hart’s marvelous personal library.